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NickMercs And TimTheTatman's Unexpected Collab Is Turning Heads

The internet might finally get the Twitch streamer boxing match it's been waiting for. NickMercs announced a UFC collab with the headliner "Battle of the Ages," which will air live from UFC X (a.k.a the Vegas Convention Center South Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada) on Friday, July 1. Most notably, it advertises a "fight" involving him and TimTheTatman.


The NickMercs and TimTheTatman UFC collab reveal was a slow one. Heck, it's not even certain that NickMercs and TimTheTatman will be the only streamers involved. On June 10, Nick teased the UFC collab with a promotional image of boxing gloves and the date "July 1" bolded at the bottom. The next day, he tweeted another teaser confirming the event.

"The team & I are beyond excited to work with the @UFC & take the MFAM Gauntlet to a whole new level. See y'all in Las Vegas baby!" he tweeted on June 11. However, the real highlight was the video attached to it. Halfway through, the text at the bottom mentions a Twitch Esports tournament at UFC X.

"Live at UFC X during International Fight Week – NICKMERCS takes on TimTheTatman. Go to UFC.com/MFAM for tickets and tune-in information," reads the text.


Here's what we know about the Battle of the Ages so far. 

What we know about the NickMercs and TimTheTatman fight

The MFAM link cited in the promotional tweet leads to a page with NickMercs and TimTheTatman posed next to each other on a promotional banner. There, it specifies that the event takes place during International Fight Week on July 1 at 11 a.m. PT.


Tickets are now on sale, though there isn't an option to buy tickets for just the NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman "fight." Presumably, this means that they will be part of the overall UFC X experience happening between July 1 and July 2. 

"UFC X will give fans unparalleled access to UFC athletes and personalities, interactive brand and sponsor activations, plus all the fan-favorite attractions," reads the website description. In this case, it seems like the personalities include Twitch streamers. 

Note that NickMercs and TimTheTatman haven't clarified if the "Battle of the Ages" is an actual hand-to-hand fight. At this point, challenging each other to boxing matches has become a running joke in the streaming community. Nobody has officially made it into the ring except Logan Paul, who took on professional boxer Floyd Mayweather in a controversial and highly publicized fight.