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Elden Ring's Let Me Solo Her Has Invaded Another Game

Some legends are too good to let fade away. The kind of people in this world that do something so profound as to garner the attention of the general public, and then have that legacy celebrated long after the hero had come and gone, these are icons worth preserving — and the same rings true in the world of video games. Just as Gotham always needs a BatmanFromSoftware players need Let Me Solo Her. 

The legend of Let Me Solo Her is a simple one. A player wearing nothing but a jar on his head offered to solo the toughest boss in "Elden Ring" for other players ... over 1000 times. After breaking his silence and detailing why he's helping others, Let Me Solo Her's took to the status of folk hero and even the "Elden Ring" publisher caught wind of the legendary player. That said, Let Me Solo Her had a mission to help 1000 players, and when he reached that goal he started a Newgame+, renouncing his title for a time. 

Of course, other players have tried to fight like Let Me Solo Her and mimic the legendary player's appearance, but no one's fully committed to the gig — until now.

Let Me Solo Him has big shoes to fill

It takes more than just the right look to take the place of a legend like Let Me Solo Her, but a "Dark Souls 3" player thinks they have what it takes. Appearing in-game as Let Me Solo Him, this new aspirant wears nothing but an onion helm and two katanas, taking aim at the fearsome Nameless King. While it remains to be seen if Let Me Solo Him can hold a candle to their mentor, the player did make a Reddit post to detail the start of their adventure and to interact with members of the community.

The post is titled "Inspired by a post I've seen here, I decided to do it myself" and includes a screenshot showcases Let Me Solo Him awaiting a summon into another player's game. Many commenters were immediately receptive, rejoicing that at least one player was committing to take up the iconic mantle in other FromSoftware titles. Of course, some onlookers had some reasonable doubts, asking how many times Let Me Solo Him had triumphed and if the player was really up to the task. Let Me Solo Him replied, simply, "I've only done a few so far but I haven't lost yet, I hope I can keep it up."