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Diablo Immortal: Where To Find Fading Embers And What They Do

"Diablo Immortal" is a controversial game, to say the least. Many players knew a mobile-centered entry would take the series in a new direction, but few expected "Diablo Immortal" to be a greedy gacha game. Users have found that the MMO doesn't like awarding players with in-game resources and items unless they open up their wallets. As a result, some of the strongest items are almost impossible to farm as a free-to-play player, forcing gamers to spend over $100 thousand dollars to get the best gear.

Legendary Gems are the worst offender, as these items are crucial to the endgame but hard to come by. Streamers like Quin69 have shown that even if you pump $10 thousand dollars into "Diablo Immortal," you aren't guaranteed a 5-star Legendary Gem. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get Legendary Fems without spending money. One option is acquiring Fading Embers and trading them to a specific vendor. Here is where to find Fading Embers and an explanation of what they do.

Trade Fading Embers for Legendary Gems

Fading Embers is a form of currency that drops at the end of Elder Rifts. However, the amount dropped varies depending on the rift's enhancements. Players will be rewarded with one Fading Ember upon using a Rare Crest on the rift. Players who use a Legendary Crest on the Elder Rift will get five Fading Embers. The amount also stacks with party members. So, the best way to farm Fading Embers is to get into a group of four players using Legendary Crests, netting each player 60 Fading Embers per run.

Fading Embers are used to buy Runes from the Fading Embers Trader near the Elder Rift entrance in Westmarch. He sells three types of runes: Magic Runes, Fa Runes, and Rare Runes. Magic and Rare Runes can be exchanged at a jeweler to craft specific Legendary Gems. On the other hand, FA Runes can be exchanged for a Random Legendary Gem. What makes the FA Rune exchanges more valuable is these Random Legendary Gems have a chance to be a coveted Five-Star Gem.

Because the weekly cap for Fading Embers is 320, players will not be able to trade for a Random Legendary Gem weekly. Additionally, players can only enter Enhanced Rifts three times daily. But, it's important to farm Fading Embers as Legendary Gems are an integral part of the "Diablo Immortal" Legendary Gear system.