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Mario's Voice Actor Is Joining This Iconic Anime

Most every gamer and many outside of the gaming scene have likely heard the voice of Mario at one point or another. In turn, they have heard the work of American voice actor Charles Martinet, who has served as the jump-happy Italian plumber's voice for 30 years and counting (via IMDb). Martinet has admitted to embracing the role as a part of him, to the point where it has led to bizarre side effects. Of course, the voice behind Mario has provided his services for non-Nintendo characters as well, including an upcoming project for another famous franchise.


Martinet has also portrayed characters ranging from Orvus from "Ratchet & Clank," to Yertle the Turtle from "The Cat in the Hat," to the fearsome dragon Paarthurnax from "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." As announced on the "Dragon Ball Super" official Twitter page, he will soon have another non-Mario role to add to this list. Toei Animation has cast Martinet in the role of Magenta for the English dub of the "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" movie. But who will Martinet play, and how does he feel about branching out into the "Dragon Ball: Super" universe?

Jumping into Dragon Ball

Magenta serves as the public spokesman for the Red Ribbon Army, a returning villainous faction seeking revenge on Goku, Gohan, and company for its previous defeat. Translated promotional material for the movie described Charles Martinet's character as the "new commander of the Red Ribbon Army," indicating the gold-chained, mustachioed antagonist has a significant degree of authority.


Toei Animation confirmed Martinet alongside the voice actors for several new characters, including Zach Aguilar starring as fellow antagonist Dr. Hedo (via Twitter). While the Japanese version of the film has already released, the North American dub and other select regional versions set to premiere Aug. 19. Before the release of the movie, the trailer for the English dub captured a snippet of Martinet's new character.

Countless fans reacted to Martinet's casting with both glee and memes. Twitter users like @BryanPlush posted mashups combining Mario with Goku, while others, like @Superkirby928, posted artwork of ultra-instinct Cat Mario. Martinet also expressed his excitement for the role on Twitter.


This role will be Martinet's introduction to the "Dragon Ball" universe. The announcement has already brought the "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" movie to the attention of countless "Mario" fans, judging by online reactions, which could increase the chance more tune in for the movie's English release.