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Does Gotham Knights Take Place In The Arkhamverse?

The "Batman Arkham" franchise has been one of the more successful superhero properties in the gaming sphere. Ever since Rocksteady Games released "Arkham Asylum" back in 2009, fans have been in love with the special blend of CSI-style detective mechanics, vertical stealth, concussive combat, and of course, those wonderful toys. Many thought that the "Arkham" timeline came to a close when Batman presumably died after blowing up Wayne Manor during the Knightfall protocol in "Arkham Knight." Then it was announced that the upcoming game, "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" would be part of this same continuity.

Now, a new game boasting several of the caped crusader's comrades is on its way. "Gotham Knights" will feature Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and the Dark Knight himself among its cast of characters. The game was originally set to launch in 2021, but ended up being delayed nearly a year and is now expected to come out October 25, 2022. News of this new title in DC's darkest city has provoked many fans to ask the question: Will "Gotham Knights" be a part of the Arkhamverse? It certainly seems like it would be. WB Games Montréal did work on "Arkham Origins," the Wii U "Armored Edition" of "Arkham City" and several of the DLC expansions for "Arkham Knight" after all. But new information from one of the developers seems to indicate that isn't the case.

Gotham Knights isn't set in the Arkhamverse

"Gotham Knights" Creative Director Patrick Redding recently gave an interview to ComicBook.com in which he explained that "Gotham Knights" is going to be its own story that is independent from the events that took place in Rocksteady Games' Arkhamverse. "The "Arkham" series is amazing," he stated, "and it's a fantastic interpretation of the Batman lore. I think for us, we saw an opportunity ... to start something new and take a fresh look at, not just the Batman universe, but the full range and scope of characters and heroes that have been part of that for so many decades."

Redding then went on to explain that this game has a rare opportunity to explore the different philosophies and approaches that Batman and his various proteges have taken to crime fighting. This goal certainly seems like it would be a lot easier to achieve without having to adhere to the canon that was already established in the Arkhamverse. It looks like WB Games Montréal wants to tell this story using its own version of these characters in order to really showcase the abilities and traits that make them unique. 

Hopefully, "Gotham Knights" will prove to be another worthy addition to the DC multiverse even if it's not part of the Arkhamverse.