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Fall Guys: How To Fix The Stuck On Loading Screen Error

People love the platform battle royale "Fall Guys" because it's easy to drop into, fun to play, and offers the chance for up to 60 players to compete in randomly selected mini-games until only one is left standing. The game came out back in August 2020 and managed to gain over 10 million players in just a few short months. It has retained many of them by consistently adding to new features to the game in order to keep the experience from growing stale. Now it seems they have done it again. "Fall Guys" Season 4 has just launched, adding a wealth of new content for players to enjoy.


The only problem with these big content drops is that they tend to make the game's player base rapidly expand all at once. This would be great for matchmaking lobbies, but sometimes it can overwhelm the servers. This was an issue when the game first launched, according to MonkeyKingHero, and it seems that the problem has returned for many players in the early days of Season 4. Several players have reported that they are getting stuck on a loading screen while waiting to enter a game. Here's a few things they might be able to try.

Patience may be the key

Long loading screens can be very annoying, especially when you're trying to get into a lobby with friends, but the first thing players should do when trying to get into a "Fall Guys" match is give the game a little bit of time before backing out of the queue. It may be that the servers are just running slow due to all the people playing the game and they are simply taking longer than players are used to, so it's worth waiting a few minutes rather than backing out and re-entering the queue over and over.


It's also worth checking the official @FallGuysGame Twitter account while you wait in order to make sure that the developers haven't posted about any problems that they are currently working to fix. There is also the "Fall Guys" Down Detector page which players can check in order to see if other users are having similar issues. If a few minutes have gone by and the game is still stuck on the loading screen, simply exit the queue and try again. If that doesn't work, try shutting the game all the way off and restarting it. If the problem persists after multiple attempts, then there are a few steps the player can take to see if they can get a better shot at entering a lobby.

Steps players can take

Many times, according to MonkeyKingHero, the issue isn't with the game itself, but with the overwhelmed servers. The first thing players should do if getting into a lobby through normal means isn't working is to check and make sure that their internet connection is working properly. Players can't enter an online lobby without functioning internet after all. There are numerous things that can cause a faulty internet connection, but it's possible that the resolution to the problem is a simple matter of resetting the router.


The second thing players can try is going into the game's Options menu and tinkering with a few of the network settings here. Make sure Cross-Platform Matchmaking is turned on as this will provide a wider pool of players and potentially shorten loading time between matches. Next, try changing the Server Region. Automatic is probably the best setting here, but players can try choosing different individual servers that may have less traffic if that isn't working.

A last resort is to try uninstalling and reinstalling the game, just in case the game file is somehow corrupted. If none of this helps, players may have to simply wait until the "Fall Guys" player base dies down a bit. Hopefully, these issues won't persist and the lobbies will go back to functioning like normal once the initial bubble of Season 4 players evens out a bit.