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Alinity's Cryptic Update Has Fans Scrambling

Natalia "Alinity" Mogollon is one of Twitch's most popular streamers. Alinity has amassed over 1.5 million followers and frequently dominates the Just Chatting section by reacting to internet videos and showcasing her cooking skills. Additionally, Alinity frequently collaborates with and makes guest appearances on her fellow content creators' streams, further increasing her popularity.

However, Alinity has had her fair share of controversies since starting on the site in 2012, and a few celebrities simply can't stand her. On top of causing drama in the community, other streamers viewed many of her controversial actions as bannable offenses. Despite all this, Alinity almost always got away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, leaving many believing she was immune to bans (per ginxtv). She continued fostering a growing audience — until recently.

Lately, some fans began worrying about the streamer, as Alinity has been missing in action from her main Twitch channel. According to TwitchTracker, she hasn't streamed for almost two months, with her last stream being on April 28. Now Alinity is back on social media to fill her fans in on what she has been up to, but her statements led to more questions than answers.

She cant stream on her channel

On June 23, Alinity tweeted about how much she misses streaming, accompanied by a crying emoji. That wasn't all. In the replies, Alinity explained that she cant stream due to an undisclosed reason. "It's not up to me I hope this s*** gets sorted out soon," Alinity wrote. She also added that she wants to "come back to reacting to sh*** reality tv and showing my nice cleavage on stream." However, nowhere in the Tweet did the streamer mention what was preventing her from going live on their main channel.

Although many were puzzled by Alinity's statement, the response from the community was mostly that of support. Users such as @AScandyWizard told Alinity to take all the time she needed to sort everything out and that they hoped she was well. Things got more confusing the next day, as Alinity tweeted the follow-up statement, "The reason I am away is I am filming my own season of 90 day fiancé," a show she frequently marathons on stream. She also said she would "go live when I can do a live react of the entire season." Again, the response from the community was characterized by confusion, with many unable to tell if she was trolling or not.

Why Alinity has been away is still unclear, but the streamer noted that she plans to return to her main channel in a month or two. In the meantime, fans can catch her antics on Mizkif's stream, which she frequents.