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The One Word Pokimane Can't Stand

Streamer Pokimane, who recently confirmed she would be remaining on Twitch, has taken aim at a common internet term that she says promotes "sexism" and "misogyny." Pokimane has begun speaking out against the use of the term "simp" as a means to attack others. The use of the term as an insult, Pokimane argues, has become a means to discourage men from defending women or speaking out against abusive behavior.

"Simp" has become a part of the internet vernacular over the last several years. It is generally used to describe a person who goes out of their way to support or be kind to someone who may not reciprocate their feelings. A common target of this accusation is a man supporting a woman online. The charge of "simp" is used to imply that someone is only being kind to a person because they are attracted to them and want to win their affection.

It's this use of the term that Pokimane has recently criticized. "We've made it, like, this crazy, sexist thing" she recently said on her Twitch channel. She continued to say that people have vilified a man doing anything kind for a woman and that it speaks to "internalized misogyny." She added that fear of being called a "simp" has been the cause of her male friends and peers failing to defend her from online abuse in the past. This isn't the first time Pokimane has taken a stand for her principles, though.

Speaking out against sexism

Earlier this year, Pokimane put her foot down regarding gambling sponsorships. She made it clear that she wouldn't take money from anyone that takes advantage of people. Pokimane said that the issue wasn't how much money companies would pay her for a sponsorship, but how the system was designed to hurt people.

This also isn't the first time Pokimane has raised the issue of sexism in streaming and internet culture. She has previously discussed the "glass ceiling" female streamers face (via TheGamer). Women have an easier time breaking into streaming, she noted, because there are fewer women and they stand out from the crowd. After that, however, they face a limit on how many subscribers they can gain or how much success they can have. She has also been very outspoken about her own struggles and the tragic experiences streamers, particularly women, can face. 

Pokimane seems to be trying to break this trend and she's been very successful so far. Her Twitch channel recently surpassed 9 million followers. Now she appears to be using her popularity and platform to speak out for other women and fight against the sexism she's encountered online. Perhaps her subscribers will reconsider using the word "simp" in the future and reflect on its meaning.