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TMNT: Shredder's Revenge: How To Find Classic Headlines For Burne

"TMNT: Shredder's Revenge" is the newest title from Tribute Games, the developer behind "Panzer Paladin" and "Steel Assault." Tribute made its name by taking the classic side-scroller genre and bringing it into the modern era, a skillset that made the studio the perfect choice for "Shredder's Revenge." This new title takes a nostalgic trip back to the days of the original "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" arcade game and its successors, giving the old-school beat 'em up formula a fresh coat of paint in the form of cleaner pixel art, more diverse color design, smoother animations and faster frame rates.


Of course, no game like this would be complete without a few fun collectables. Early on in the game, players will be able to start rounding up all of the Classic Headlines written by the head of Channel 6 News, Burne Thompson. Episode 1 of the game's 2-3 hour campaign will put players in the heart of the Channel 6 News Studio, which is currently under attack by the dreaded Foot Clan. Just past the room where Foot members are typing at a row of computers will be a door that someone is clearly banging on. Here, players can find Burne tied up and locked in a closet. Freeing him begins the mission to find his old headlines.

Searching for old news

Burne's Classic Headlines look like old newspapers. There are only three of them in the game, and they are found in the episodes 1, 2 and 4. Getting all of the headlines isn't overly complicated, but they can be easy to overlook.

  • The first newspaper is found just beyond the anchor studio in Episode 1. Walk past the blue screen that says "Weather 6" and you'll see a wooden crate with the Foot Clan symbol spray-painted across its face. If you see cameraman Vernon Fenwick tied to a chair, you've gone too far. Breaking the crate reveals the first collectable.

  • The second is out on the city streets in Episode 2. The player will have to fight their way past a pizzeria and a sushi restaurant before finding themselves in front of a store called TV Zone. There is an old metal trash can on the right side of the building just before you reach the carwash. Hitting the trash can reveals the second headline.

  • The third and final headline is located in Episode 4, "Rumble in the Zoo," and it's probably the most well-hidden. Players should progress in the level until they reach the point where there are monkeys visibly hanging behind the barricade and throwing bananas. There will be a pamphlet stand at the far end of this stretch, just underneath a banner with a picture of a python on it. Bust up the stand to nab the last headline.


Once the player has collected all three Classic Headlines, they can visit Burne in his office and turn them in for a reward of 50 points, which is handy for leveling up your fighter of choice.