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Everything We Know About Overwatch 2's Junker Queen

The release for the early access version of "Overwatch 2" is only months away. In the lead-up to its launch on October 4, 2022, there's been a lot of hiccups when it comes to the game's development. After the beta for "Overwatch 2" went live, many fans seemed to lose interest as viewership of the title on Twitch completely fell off the map in the following week. Additionally, fans of the "Overwatch" IP have been dealing with a lot of worry regarding certain decisions Blizzard has made, especially regarding the sequel being nearly identical to the original "Overwatch." Independ of these concerns, the standards of fans could still be met if the creators deliver in terms of quality. A huge aspect of that success relies on the playable roster.


"Overwatch 2" will introduce several new characters (or Heroes) into the fold, including Sojourn, a midrange specialist. But it will also add the highly anticipated Junker Queen, a Tank Hero billed as a formidable addition to the series and who has been something of legend within "Overwatch" lore since the first release. Junker Queen's formal announcement — as well as her big presence in the game's promotional materials — has generated tons of hype. But who exactly is this new persona? Here's what you should know about Junker Queen from "Overwatch 2."

Junker Queen leads the Junkers

Heroes in the "Overwatch" series aren't just ambiguous figures with varying abilities and/or trivial aesthetic differences. Each and every character has their own unique backstory and reasons for why they are members of Overwatch, a division created by the United Nations to combat hostile robots who have gained sentience. However, in the chaos, other factions have become prominent, one of which is the Junkers. In short, the Junkers are a gang from the Australian Outback, based in a city appropriately known as Junkertown. Junker Queen has been the faction's leader for the past decade.


In her cinematic reveal trailer, Junker Queen has an arena-style mech battle with other Junkers protecting then-leader Mason Howl. Junker Queen dispatchers her opposition, dethroning Howl and becoming the gang's new ruler. This seems to be revenge following the exile of her and her family from Junkertown when she was just a young girl. As a result, she rules Junkertown with an iron fist. Junker Queen is determined, ruthless, witty, and fearless. Given her previous exploits, she is hardly one you'd want to face in a fight.

Junker Queen's abilities pack a heavy punch

After offering glimpses of her in-game backstory, as well as small snippets of her gameplay, Blizzard Entertainment formally revealed Junker Queen's special abilities and kit on June 21, 2022. As a Tank Hero, the Queen of Junkertown packs enough fire power to wreak havoc on the battleground. Her preferred weapon is the Scattergun, a take on the classic shotgun that makes up for its lack of range with unparalleled power. The Queen also comes equipped with the Jagged Blade "Gracie," a knife effective in quick attacks that can even be thrown. This all complements the Carnage ability, which manifests as the Junker Queen swinging an axe and wounding any enemy in the direct vicinity.


Beyond being a badass when it comes to her offensive abilities, Junker Queen is also an invaluable team player. Her Commanding Shout ability increases her health by 200, while also giving nearby allies a boost of 100. This kind of move can be a gamechanger when your side is taking extreme damage and has its collective backs to the wall. Junker Queen's passive ability, Adrenaline Rush, allows her to progressively heal over time while her ultimate ability, Rampage, lets her to take on any and all opponents, damaging them and preventing them from healing.

The Junker Queen arrives after tons of hype

While Junker Queen herself is a new addition and will be making her in-game debut in "Overwatch 2," her aura and presence has been felt since the early days of "Overwatch." Posters of "the Queen of Junkertown" have been prevalent on the titular map, implying that she has always been in the shadows. As a result, it has been several years since speculation about the possibility of her being involved began to circulate. Upon the official announcement that Junker Queen would be a playable character in "Overwatch 2," the internet went wild.


On a Reddit post discussing her cinematic trailer, many fans expressed excitement regarding her inclusion after years of rumors and build-up. Several commenters left positive remarks about her character model and design, as well as her well thought-out backstory in which she sparred many of her opponents to gain their trust during her ascension to power. Other Redditors praised the tone of the trailer. While several characters in "Overwatch" have rather serious backstories, Junker Queen's is much more chaotic, fun, and cheeky by comparison.

"Overwatch" players are pretty excited to give this new Hero a try.