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Things Are Looking Really Bad For Overwatch's Symmetra

The hits just keep on coming for "Overwatch 2." Following a lackluster first look that caused many a fan to say that the sequel is barely any different from its predecessor, the game's twitch viewership fell off the map. Then, as if the drama behind the actual gameplay wasn't enough, a new character skin sparked some streamer backlash. Of course, the skin fiasco upset plenty of fans as well, but Blizzard has said that they've got plans to fix fans' biggest concerns as the game speedily approaches its early access launch date of Oct. 4th. 


However, yet another issue has come up. The beta for "Overwatch 2" is in full swing, and players have finally had a chance to dig into both the new 5v5 multiplayer battles and character redesigns. Unfortunately, not all of the character reworks have gone over well with gamers. One particular character that is currently the target of fan-fueled frustration is Symmetra.

Symmetra is having an identity crisis

Sadly, it's true. Once again, Symmetra is causing problems. Since the original "Overwatch" launched back in 2016, Symmetra has had two major reworks to her abilities and playstyle. Now, here in "Overwatch 2," she's seemingly having even more trouble fitting into the game. 


As addressed in a recent batch of patch notes, Symmetra has been hit with two buffs and a bevy of nerfs. Both her maximum ammo count and the speed of her secondary fire projectiles have been increased. Except her secondary fire now costs more ammo, the projectiles are smaller, they take even longer to charge, and do less damage. If that wasn't bad enough, her unique teleporter ability now only lasts for a measly ten seconds instead of being permanent. 

Hopping over to the "Overwatch" subreddit shows that fans aren't taking the changes very well. Plenty feel confused about these odd new choices, but some fans are just bewildered that Symmetra still requires such drastic changes after six years. According to one user, "They have no idea what to freaking do with her. It's kind of painful to watch. Her original design didn't work and they're still struggling to find a place for her." 


It certainly feels like Symmetra is the troubled child of "Overwatch." Even after all of her changes, she continues to feel like a fish out of water to gamers. Hopefully, with the months of tweaking ahead of "Overwatch 2," something can be done to give Symmetra a defining gameplay personality.