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Fall Guys: How To Fix Freezing And Crashing Issues

One of the best things about "Fall Guys" is how easy it is for players to get into. They simply drop into a match and scramble to compete in a pool of up to 60 players in order to beat a group of randomly selected minigames as quickly as possible. This low threshold for entry is one of the things that makes the game so popular and why it managed to garner over 10 million players in the first week after launch. "Fall Guys" received a sizable update in June which brought even more players to the game, but unfortunately may have brought some problems as well. Numerous fans have been complaining that they've been receiving a "Failed to Login" error, or issues with Voice Chat, and some have been having trouble even getting past the loading screen.

Fans have also been having issues with the game freezing and crashing. This can be incredibly frustrating since there's nothing worse than having your game quit on you in the middle of a match. Unfortunately, this can also be a difficult problem to diagnose. There are a few steps that players can take to try and resolve the issue and get back in the game though.

PC solutions

Gamers who are playing "Fall Guys" on PC may first want to make sure that the issue isn't something related to their system. The first step in any good computer troubleshooting process is to reboot your computer. Sometimes a simple restart is all it takes to wipe away whatever error is causing the game to not function properly.

If that doesn't work, the next step is to start tinkering with software. Players should make sure their graphics drivers are up to date. Nvidia graphics card users will do this through an app called GeForce, while AMD users will use the AMD Radeon software. If they have an older or less powerful GPU, they should also try lowering the visual settings for "Fall Guys" itself. Lowering Shadow Details is probably the most important as shadows and lighting generally put the most strain on a GPU's processing power, (via digitaltrends.) Those playing through Steam can also try disabling the Steam Overlay in settings. This will ensure that there is the least amount of strain possible on the system.

The final step is to uninstall and reinstall the "Fall Guys" game. Simply right-click the game, go down to Manage, and then select "Uninstall." Then, right-click the title again and select "Install." This should get rid of any corrupted game files that might be causing the issue.

Console solutions

Although it seems to be much less common, gamers who are playing "Fall Guys" on consoles have reported similar freezing and crashing issues to those playing on PC. These players are more limited in their options to fix the problem, however.

The first step is the same. Players should try resetting their console. This is the simplest step and it may resolve any repeating errors. They should then check to make sure that their system software is up to date. Old software might have trouble communicating with freshly updated games. Players can then try uninstalling and reinstalling "Fall Guys." This should fix any corrupted game files.

If none of this works, players may want to consider that their console might be overheating. Make sure that vents and airflow paths are as clean and clear of obstacles as possible. Compressed air can also be used to clean dust out from inside the console which may be insulating the components and trapping heat inside (via Lifewire).

After that, it's time to consider if the internet connection might be the source of the problem.

Issues with internet

Internet connectivity problems don't usually cause games to crash completely, but they can cause them to freeze when the connection is suddenly lost while playing online. In "Fall Guys," this usually results in an error message popping up to let players know they've been disconnected from the server, but it is possible that the game may simply freeze.

Players should keep an eye on other internet devices to see if they are suffering from sudden drops in connection as well. This could be an indicator that it is a problem with the internet and not the console or the game. There are a lot of things that could cause internet connectivity issues, but a good first step in trying to diagnose the problem is usually to reset the router. Doing this clears out the device's short-term memory which helps to keep it working more smoothly (via Century Link).

If possible, players should try hooking their system up using an ethernet cable instead of WiFi. This will provide a stronger, faster connection and eliminate a lot of potentially problematic interference (via How-To Geek). If the problem persists, players may need to contact their internet service provider.