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God Of War 2 Fans Have Already Cracked The Special Edition's Code

It's hard to keep a secret in the age of the internet and it's almost impossible to craft a puzzle that some clever gamer won't crack before you know it. One "God of Wa"r fan just proved this by deciphering a message hidden in the Collector's Edition of "God of War: Ragnarok" before the game has even been released.


Fans of "God of War" will likely know that the developers are fond of hiding secrets and Easter eggs in the games. Fans will also probably know that the Collector's Edition of the upcoming sequel includes a decorative steelbook case featuring Norse runes on the cover. What they may not know is that these runes aren't just for show. They actually convey a secret message, and they've already been translated.

A post on Reddit by SilentMoss24 provided a picture of the steelbox runes and they quickly followed up with their own translation. The runes read "Twilight Beckons. The Bear and Wolf travel the realms nine hoping to stop that which seems inevitable. Their bond will be tested, yet they must hold together for the good of all." The message is certainly a fun secret but it doesn't seem to tell us anything about the upcoming story we couldn't have guessed.


Runes and Secrets

The Bear and the Wolf are almost certainly Kratos and Atreus, and it looks like they'll be realm hopping again. The ominous Twilight that's beckoning could be the coming Ragnarok. As for their bond being tested, it looks like there will be some conflict between the two this time around and they'll need to learn to work together. So, nothing too shocking. What may be more interesting to some is the longer rune message that can be found on the cloth map that comes with the Jotnar Edition of the game.


SilentMoss24 also translated these runes, which offer details about Kratos' dwarf allies, Brok and Sindri. The message details their accomplishments as blacksmiths and as travelers of the nine realms. It concludes with the intriguing claim that their "ability to navigate and traverse the realms rivals even that of Odin all father." Being able to match Odin in exploration will likely make them valuable allies to Kratos once again.

Fans won't get to experience the action and see how accurate these runes are until November, but little secrets like these will help tide them over while they refresh themselves on the God of War timeline and wait for news of the upcoming "God of War" TV show.