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How Streamers Reacted To Technoblade's Death

Technoblade, a fan-favorite "Minecraft" YouTuber, has passed away at the age of 23. The well-known member of the Dream SMP role-playing server revealed to fans back in August 2021 that he had been diagnosed with cancer, and on June 30th, 2022, Technoblade's father posted a video to his channel telling the world that his son had passed. In the heartbreaking video, Technoblade's father read a letter in which he told told his fans, "If I had another hundred lives, I think I would choose to be Technoblade again every single time, as those were the happiest years of my life."


The official "Minecraft" Twitter account sent out a message about Technoblade's death, expressing appreciation for the YouTuber, but that was only the beginning of the community's show of love and support. "Minecraft" later revealed a tribute to Technoblade in a brand new launcher screen for the game. Now the screen includes a pig wearing a crown, a reference to Technoblade's preferred way of presenting himself on his various accounts online.

Since Technoblade passed away, number of friends and fans have commented, shared treasured memories, and expressed their grief. This is how the streaming world is reacting to Technoblade's death.


During a somber Twitch stream, Pokimane said that she never met Technoblade personally, but she did have the opportunity to play some games with him, and she followed his content. Pokimane got particularly emotional talking about the last video that Technoblade released for his fans. "I just can't even imagine, especially at the age of 23, sitting down and recording something just in case you pass away," she said.


Pokimane also commented on the internet's darker side, which seemingly showed itself in the aftermath. She'd seen people post "really messed up things for attention" and had even come across Twitter posts that were pretending to be from Technoblade in order to link people over to newer YouTube channels. "You're trying to take advantage of someone's passing," she said, asking, "do you have no humanity?" On the other hand, she also found some deeply touching memorials to Technoblade online, and in this case, the good seemed to outweigh the bad.

Even though fans had known about Technoblade's battle with cancer for quite a while, Pokimane found it hard to believe that he was really gone. She said that "his constantly optimistic outlook and attitude and his general humble way of carrying himself" had convinced some part of her that he would always be okay. Technoblade reminded her to always live life to the fullest, because nothing is guaranteed.



Tommyinnit has been a member of the Dream SMP "Minecraft" server for years, so he and Technoblade spent plenty of time together exploring the world and building new things. Like everyone else, Tommyinnit knew that Technoblade had been sick for a while, but it was their mutual friend Wilbur who first told him that Technoblade had died. The first thing Tommyinnit did was wander through Dream SMP, looking for various books that Technoblade had written and left behind for his friends.


Sure enough, Tommyinnit later posted a page from one of Technoblade's books on Twitter. It said, "Tell the rest of the SMP that having abolished all the governments of men, I have ascended to heaven to take on the Kingdom of God." Tommyinnit wrote that he'd been one of Technoblade's fans before being lucky enough to count himself as one of his friends. He reaffirmed Technoblade's legendary status, adding, "I just know he's strategizing in heaven on how to beat God."


Cr1TiKal was never a member of Dream SMP, but the server has been on his radar for a while. Back in 2021, Cr1TiKal got involved in a Twitter spat after making disparaging comments about Dream, the server's founder, during his Twitch streams. Cr1TiKal broke down what happened in a YouTube video called "Dream Drama," during which he explained that he and Dream had privately settled their differences. 


Despite not being the biggest fan of Dream, Cr1TiKal has been a longtime fan of Technoblade and his content. After Technoblade's death, Cr1TiKal tweeted that "the world just lost a great person."

Days later, Cr1TiKal decided that he needed to talk about Technoblade's death on his channel in a video titled "Most Disgusting Trend on YouTube." Like Pokimane, Cr1TiKal kept stumbling across YouTube accounts that were doing everything they could to monetize what had happened to Technoblade by creating as many misleading videos about the YouTuber as possible. Cr1TiKal pointed out that some creators were donating the money generated from their videos, but he called that "hiding behind" charity, because the creators were still using the videos to gain subscribers and engagement from Technoblade's death. 


Cr1TiKal's comments not only rightly called out bad faith YouTubers, but also helped to direct general viewers away from those channels, so they could remember Technoblade without giving attention to the darker side of YouTube.


With over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, GeorgeNotFound is one of the biggest "Minecraft" content creators on the internet. He's put countless hours into the Dream SMP server, and over all that time, he got to know Technoblade quite well. Sometimes their relationship was playfully antagonistic, leading to some epic fights for the ages, but those moments were always about fun and not born of genuine conflict. GeorgeNotFound and Technoblade clearly cared about each other as friends.


After Technoblade's death, GeorgeNotFound posted about his feelings on Twitter. Unlike some of his fellow creators, GeorgeNotFound had actually met up with Technoblade in real life, and he said that even near the end, Technoblade was "just as witty and positive" as ever. GeorgeNotFound also said he'd admired Technoblade's strength in the face of such a difficult time, and that he was glad to have been able to spend that personal time with his friend.


Skeppy is another Dream SMP member who got to spend lots of time creating and destroying in "Minecraft" alongside Technoblade. Shortly after the news of Technoblade's death made its way into the world, Skeppy created a memorial video for his friend, in which he talked not only about how much he would miss Technoblade, but also how they met and the good times they'd shared.


Like Tommyinnit, Skeppy started out as a legit fan of Technoblade. The two first met on one of Technoblade's streams, and Skeppy said, "I was like the new kid on the block at the time, and I wanted to get Technoblade's attention." He reached out the way any kid would: by spamming Technoblade's chat until he responded. After finally being invited to Technoblade's party, Skeppy hilariously proceeded to lose game after game, but the two of them hit it off and became friends.

Skeppy said that Dream had called him after Technoblade died, who delivered the sad news. Ever since that time, he's been going back and rewatching clips of the games they played together. As he told his viewers, what he remembers more than anything at this point is that Technoblade "just wanted to make us all laugh."



Tubbo is another "Minecraft" YouTuber who had the opportunity to get to know Technoblade in-game. Both of them were active Dream SMP members, and fans came to truly appreciate watching their relationship develop over the years. Whether Tubbo and Technoblade were at odds over who owned some particular stacks of emerald or they were memeing at each other via Twitter, their friendship shined through the screen and endeared viewers to both of them. It's no wonder there are whole Reddit threads dedicated to figuring out how the two would react to one another in-game.


Like the other Dream SMP members, Tubbo had known that Technoblade was sick, but his death still came as a shock. The day that Technoblade died, Tubbo made a brief memorial post. He wrote, "Rest in peace techno it was a privilege to know you." Their friendship helped shape Dream SMP, and it will be a part of that world forever. 


Quackity joined Dream SMP several weeks before Technoblade, and the two of them helped build the server up into what it is today. The two of them were friendly, but they also had some dramatic confrontations that became some of the most memorable moments on the server. One of their duels has been memorialized on the Dream SMP Fandom page, where fans have taken to describing moments from the server in detail: After a dramatic escape, Technoblade managed to secure some armor and potions before coming face-to-face with Quackity. The two squared off, but Technoblade rose as the victor in under a minute.


Of course, there were no hard feelings between Quackity and Technoblade following the duel. Following Technoblade's death, Quackity wrote on Twitter, "I had the opportunity to express to Technoblade how much admiration and respect I had for him." He said that he was especially struck by Technoblade's ability to hold onto "his humor even in the darkest moments." Technoblade clearly made an unforgettable impact on Quackity's life.


Technoblade was probably closest with the other members of Dream SMP, but he was a part of other gaming communities as well. FitMC is a major "Minecraft" YouTuber who doesn't play on Dream SMP, but he does play on the SMP Earth server, where he had the chance to meet Technoblade. SMP Earth is a server that houses a to-scale replica of the planet and lets players fight over territory across the entire world. When he joined the server, FitMC set out to align himself with Technoblade, who had control of the Antarctic Empire.


The time they spent playing together made a big impact on FitMC. It seems like anyone who had the chance to meet Technoblade was moved by his openness, humor, and creativity. After Technoblade's death, FitMC wrote that he was "a role model, a kind spirit, and a good man." He also wrote something that everyone seems to agree on: "Your legacy will never be forgotten."


Ludwig Ahgren is a YouTube star with over 3 million subscribers on his channel. And although he is a streamer who partakes in a lot of gaming content, a good chunk of his content also comes in the form of vlogs, challenges, and giveaways. Ludwig had the opportunity to meet Technoblade back in 2020, and naturally, he made a video about the experience. Ludwig was invited to the Minecraft Champions competition, but since he knew he wasn't top-notch at the game, he reached out to Technoblade for some coaching.


Clearly Ludwig was already a big Technoblade fan by the time they met up in "Minecraft." The experience brought the two of them closer together, and Ludwig never stopped following Technoblade's content after that. Like many others, after Technoblade died, Ludwig noted how "He was so witty and so humble even in the toughest of times," and mentioned that he'd begun rewatching old Technoblade clips as soon as he heard the YouTuber had passed. Ludwig added, "I'll always look up to him."


Dream is the "Minecraft" YouTuber who founded the eponymous Dream SMP server back in April 2020. Technoblade joined the server in September of that same year, and ever since fans have watched the two of them grow closer as the server's wild antics have unfolded. Dream apparently heard about Technoblade's death earlier than most, and he took the responsibility of telling some of the other Dream SMP members, like Skeppy.


Dream expressed his feelings about Technoblade's death in a post to his YouTube channel. He appealed to fans to be respectful to Technoblade's family in the coming weeks and to honor their requests for privacy as they mourn. Dream also wrote, "I would not be half the person I am without being inspired, challenged, and uplifted by you." 

After noting that Technoblade's memory would live on in everyone who ever knew him, Dream ended his message with a spin on one of Technoblade's catchphrases: "Technoblade truly never dies."