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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: How To Find Purecrystal

"Monster Hunter Rise" is the latest addition to Capcom's action-RPG monster slaying franchise. In addition to new features like wyvern riding, one of the things that critics always love about the series is the massive open worlds that players get to explore as they navigate the vibrant forests and snowy fields in search of their quarry. "Rise" rewards players for hunting these beasts by giving them rare materials which can be used to acquire and upgrade gear. It's one of the few near-perfect games available, and fans fell in love with its mighty campaign. Even more monsters and places to hunt them were added to the game in the recent "Sunbreak" expansion, as well as some brand new gear and materials. That's great, but sometimes the sheer size of this expanding world can make certain items difficult to find if players aren't sure where to look for them.


One of the most important items for top ranking players that was added in the new expansion is something called Purecrystal, an incredibly durable and transparent variety of crystal that is useful in crafting. It's a Master Rank material that is necessary for upgrading Almudron X, Vaik X, and Astalos armor sets as well as both the Hidden and Visible versions of the Utsushi True armor set. The item's description states that it can only be found in the Jungle, which many fans have found to be quite misleading, as the actual location where players can mine it is in the Flooded Forest.

Players can mine Purecrystal in the Flooded Forest

Fans looking to farm Purecrystal can only do so during Master Rank quests and expeditions in the Flooded Forest. In order to gather the crystal, they will need to go to the white and blue Mining Outcrops that are scattered throughout the area (via IGN.) The drop-rate for Purecrystal is fairly low, so players will likely need to spend some time farming several of the outcrops in order to get the crystals they need. They stand a better chance of finding it in the white outcrops than the blue ones. This is because the white Mining Outcrops seem to have a higher drop rate for Master Rank ores. Two of the white outcrops are located inside the large temple on the eastern side of the map, one is in the center of the map, another is a ways northwest and the final one is all the way to the north near the large pool. Several of the blue outcrops will be easy to collect as they are located near the white ones. There is a lot of climbing involved, but their proximity to each other makes it easy for the player to chart a path to mine each location as they travel through the region.


As an added bonus, the Flooded Forest is a great location to farm ore for money too, so it's a good use of the player's time even if they don't need all of the materials that they will find here in their search for Purecrystal.