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The Donald Duck Epic Mickey Spinoff We Never Got To Play

Gamers with a love of Disney and Mickey Mouse will likely remember the 2010 console platformer "Epic Mickey" and its sequel, "Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two." The series also got a spinoff for the Nintendo 3DS with "Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion." Fans may not know that before Disney Interactive Studios closed down in 2016, it had set its sights on creating more entries in the franchise. 


Game director Warren Spector wanted to carry on with "Epic Mickey 3," and even had some ideas for it (via Nintendo Life). Additional information has surfaced regarding a racing game featuring Disney characters, including some from "Epic Mickey," titled "Epic Disney Racers." The list of canned projects also featured another spinoff about Donald Duck

Thanks to leaked footage, fans can glimpse what the Donald Duck game may have looked like. In June 2022, YouTuber DJ Slope of Slope's Gaming Room showed off exclusive footage of "Epic Donald." DJ Slope did not disclose how he acquired the footage, but he was kind enough to share it on his channel.

What the Epic Donald footage reveals

The "Epic Donald" segment only amounts to a few seconds of material; however, it offers some tantalizing hints regarding what the developers had planned. The art style appears similar to the "Epic Mickey" games and shows Mickey following Donald around. There are also brief shots of what looks like a throne room with gold coins falling from the ceiling and a dock with a pirate vibe. While not much, it adds a bit more to the lore of the lost "Epic Mickey" games.


Sadly, with Disney Interactive Studios out of the picture, there's no indication that any of these titles will ever be revived and completed. Fans of Donald Duck will have to settle for enjoying him in other entries. On that front, at least, they do have reason to be happy. In April 2022, players got the best news about the "Kingdom Hearts" series: the confirmation of "Kingdom Hearts 4" via a new teaser trailer. While "Epic Donald" never materialized, it looks like the beloved duck with anger issues will have more epic adventures in the years ahead.