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MultiVersus: How To Join The Open Beta

A new multiplayer fighting game is on the rise, and a recently shared opportunity for players to try it out prior to its long-awaited release is right around the corner. Often compared to "Super Smash Bros." and for good reason, "MultiVersus" pits a unique cast of WB-owned characters against each other.

Featuring familiar faces like Batman, Arya Stark, Wonder Woman, Bugs Bunny, Superman, Velma, Ultra Instinct Shaggy, and many more big names in entertainment, "MultiVersus" is true to its name; It's a multiplayer title combining multiple universes. "MultiVersus" already had a Closed Alpha, and so far, first impressions of the game have been strong. Thanks to recent news, the momentum is only building.

On July 14, the team behind "MultiVersus" issued a two-pronged video announcement. There's an Open Beta coming on July 26 that will be free-to-play and available across all consoles and PC with cross-play and cross-progression, and there's a chance for players to get Early Access starting July 19. Better yet, the Open Beta doesn't have an end date, and progress from it will carry over to the game's full release. Here's how to get in on the sneak peek at "MultiVersus."

Getting in on the MultiVersus Open Beta

Since the "MultiVersus" Open Beta that launches on July 26 will be free and available to all players, there's no special steps that need to be taken to ensure access other than having internet and being located in the Americas, Europe, New Zealand, or Australia. Players can simply download and start playing the game.

As for the Early Access Open Beta, players will have to rely on a bit of good luck. Those who already took part in the Closed Alpha are among the fortunate, as they have an automatic in for the July 19 start date. They'll have to check their emails for a special code. Other than that, it's been announced that players will be able to get in on the Early Access Open Beta through Twitch Drops, which will be shared on the game's website. 

Players can start looking for their Early Access Open Beta codes starting July 15. There's also the possibility of more codes being released through the duration of Early Access. Now that the game is almost close enough to taste, "MultiVersus" hopefuls have a lot to look forward to, whether or not they score Early Access.