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You Don't Need To Be In Japan For This Pokémon Museum

Who doesn't wish they lived in the world of "Pokémon?" Visiting far-off places with your very own team of super-powered animal friends while smacking down anyone who dares to challenge you sounds pretty fantastic, right? Well, sadly, Pokémon continue to be fictional, but that doesn't mean they aren't appearing in our world in their own ways. Not only are Pokémon making moves in reality television, but there's a Pokémon museum in Japan that brings people closer than ever to the lives and history of everyone's favorite video game critters.

After opening in the Japanese city of Hokkaido last year, the Pokémon Fossil Museum has traveled from city to city and is currently on display in Toyohashi. According to the official website, the exhibit will be open until the November 6.

Unfortunately, there isn't any news on if this attraction will visit countries outside of Japan — at least not physically. But thanks to a joint effort between the Pokémon Company and the Toyohashi Museum of Natural History, you can now visit the exhibit from anywhere with an internet connection. 

The Pokémon fossils look dino-mite

Anyone wanting to explore the whimsical contrast between Pokémon fossils and their real-life counterparts can now embark on a virtual tour of the Pokémon Fossil Museum through Matterport. While it may not be quite the same as being there in person — and just about all of the information on the plaques and exhibit pieces is written in Japanese — it's an enjoyable digital romp nonetheless.

Real fossils are interesting in their own right, but the coolest aspect of the Pokémon Fossil Museum is seeing the remarkably well-made Pokémon fossils. The helix fossil, the skull fossil, and the fully-assembled Tyrantrum, Bastiodon, and Kabutops skeletons show that all of your favorite fossil-mon are present and accounted for in one form or another. Even the fossil Pokémon made out of the incorrect combination of fossils from "Pokémon Sword" and "Shield" can be seen on one of the displays.

Primarily built as an attraction for younger audiences with an interest in learning more about real dinosaurs, the exhibit is a fantastic showcase of hard work from both those that put it together, and the Pokémon Company's extensive efforts in creating memorable monsters inspired by the natural world. The virtual tour doesn't end with a gift shop full of adorable, exclusive Pokémon merchandise, but hopefully there will be a way for those outside of Japan to get their hands on an Excavator Pikachu plush in the near future.