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Soulstice Trailer, Release Date, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

The remainder of 2022 looks pretty busy as far as new game releases are concerned. True, some titles like Square Enix's "Forspoken," which was hit with another big delay, have been pushed further and further out, but gamers continue to get announcements of impressive-looking projects scheduled to debut this year. "God of War: Ragnarok" finally has a release date, a "Fall Guys"-inspired "Kirby" game is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and smaller studios are stepping up to fill gaming backlogs as well.

One up-and-coming indie to keep your eyes on is "Soulstice." Created by Reply Game Studios and published by Modus Games, this action-adventure aims to deliver a dark setting filled with secrets and varied gameplay mechanics. Players will take control of sister duo Briar and Lute and venture forth to reclaim the remnants of a once prosperous city. Here's what else you should know about "Soulstice."

Is there a trailer for Soulstice?

While its original announcement trailer released last year, "Soulstice" now has a cinematic trailer and an official gameplay overview that highlight the title's story and combat respectively. 

As explained on the official website, sisters Briar and Lute are two parts of what the game calls a "Chimera." As a result, Briar has significant physical advantages, while Lute exists as a ghost with mystical gifts bonded to her sister's soul.

In the cinematic trailer, viewers get a closer look at this less than standard sisterhood in action. Following Lute's brief narration concerning the history of the Holy Kingdom of Keidas, gamers are treated to a sizzle reel of imposing enemies they can expect to encounter. This includes an enigmatic masked man who possibly hides some of the narrative's larger secrets. 

Things get particularly grim near the end of the trailer, as it's revealed that Briar is fighting with some nasty (and possibly literal) inner demons. With the release right around the corner, players shouldn't have to wait too long to see if Briar succumbs to the darkness inside her and how that will affect her sister Lute's soul.

Is there a release date for Soulstice?

With big titles like "Bayonetta 3," "Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope," and "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" all releasing in October of this year, "Soulstice" is playing it smart by giving these heavy hitters some space. Gamers can expect to fire up "Soulstice" on September 20 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Pre-orders for the Deluxe Edition on consoles have already opened up for the entry through the official website, and include bonuses like a digital artbook, digital soundtrack, and an item pack. PC players can wishlist the game on Steam.

Unfortunately for those who've been unable to acquire one of the latest systems, "Soulstice" continues a growing trend of new releases skipping the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Of course, for those who primarily play on PC, this is less of a problem so long as their machine is built for newer, more demanding titles.

What is the gameplay like in Soulstice?

With a name like "Soulstice," one might be tempted to think it's yet another developer's attempt at creating a "Dark Souls"-inspired action RPG. However, thanks to quicker traversal and combat, "Soulstice" has much more in common with series like "Devil May Cry" and "Bayonetta." 

As you progress, you'll unlock additional weapons for Briar to use in combination with one another to pull off some impressive air-juggling, crowd-clearing combos. Learning how each weapon functions will likely mean the difference between life and death as you face off against various monstrosities. Of course, Briar isn't the only one fighting. Unlike her sibling, Lute is a "shade," and attacks with long-ranged magic. Some of her abilities activate automatically, but her shield and counter skills require quick responses from the player. You'll want to do all you can to ensure each sister does their part in battle. The more you effectively wear down foes, the more likely you are pull off one of the game's powerful "Synergy Attacks" and do some real damage. 

If all of that combined with the grim fantasy setting and story sounds good to you, then "Soulstice" might be just the thing to hold you over while you wait for those blockbuster releases in October.