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Elon Musk Teases New Games Coming To A Car Near You

It looks like there is about to be a new gaming option on the market to go up against the PS5 and Xbox Series X. On July 15, Elon Musk said on Twitter that Tesla is currently working on getting Steam working on the Tesla dashboard, drastically improving the gaming capabilities of the electric vehicle. The tweet was in response to a video posted by the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley account, which reviewed the vehicle strictly as a gaming platform and gave it high remarks. The gaming functionality probably isn't in anyone's top 10 reasons to buy a Tesla, but the addition of Steam might change that.


Teslas can currently play games via the dedicated Tesla gaming app on the car's dashboard. The app up to this point has seen a limited selection of games, which includes a lot of indie titles and mobile games alongside heavy hitters like "Cuphead" and the original "Sonic the Hedgehog" (per Finder). Adding Steam as an option would open up a ton more games, including titles Musk has hinted at in the past, like "The Witcher" series

While Musk didn't provide many details in his tweet, he did state that a demonstration of Steam working in a Tesla was likely coming in the next month or two. The real question is, what is the Tesla capable of playing?

Musk previously said that Tesla's cars have PS5 capabilities

In June 2021, Musk stated that Tesla's new Model S and X have PS5-level capabilities when it comes to entertainment. That bold statement came during a press conference where Tesla announced a partnership with AMD to put their computing chips in new Tesla vehicles. While the exact specs of the Tesla are unclear, it appears that the vehicle should be capable of playing high-end games.


Musk reportedly doubled down on the PS5 comparisons earlier this year, stating that the new models are capable of high performance for games. Musk even stated that the car could run "Cyberpunk 2077" at 60 frames per second, offering a high level of performance. While the exact details of how Steam would run on a Tesla have not been revealed, based on the Steam Deck, a pretty large amount of the Steam library could work if Tesla got Linux running smoothly on its system. 

Valve has proven that Steam is a flexible platform, so it doesn't seem that outlandish that most Steam games could run on a Tesla without too much extra work form either Valve or developers. While it probably isn't most people's first pick for a dedicated gaming platform, having the option to play Steam games in a Tesla could be revolutionary.