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Can't Find A PS5 Or Series X? Buy A Tesla Instead

Although scalpers have been the hardest problem to fix throughout the lifespan of next-gen consoles, very real production delays also exist. Legislation involving sought-after parts for consoles could help even out the supply and demand issues Xbox and Sony both face, but many fans still can't get their hands on the latest and greatest machines — and that's where Tesla comes in. That's right, the vehicle and energy company founded by the cyborg monkey owner himself, Elon Musk.


Earlier this week, during the Computex 2021 tech show, Advanced Micro Devices (or AMD) decided to drop a bombshell on the world during its keynote presentation. It has been revealed that AMD and Tesla will partner to include graphics processors in new Tesla models. AMD CEO Lisa Su said that AMD was happy to give gamers "a new platform for AAA gaming." Some Tesla fans were quick to point out that gaming in one's car still sounds like "a gimmick," but others were simply curious to see how the system would work.

Thankfully, Tesla founder Elon Musk stepped in on Twitter to help clarify things, if only slightly. He said, " Yeah, new Model S & X have PS5 level entertainment computing power."

Video games on the road are the dream that never dies

Tesla has enthusiastically integrated digital entertainment, including video games, into its previous models as well. In 2019, Bethesda vowed to bring "Fallout Shelter" to Tesla, allowing players to take their bunkers on the go. Musk has also been supportive of including "The Witcher 3" as a playable game in Teslas vehicles. 


That being said, gaming via car has long been a dream of nerds everywhere, dating back to the 1980s. In fact, one concept car from the 80s was a video game console long before Tesla. Tesla might have perfected the fusion of cars and games, but people have attempted to make it work for a long time.

It's not entirely clear what operating system the new Teslas will use to play games, or if new games will be developed specifically for these cars. Understandably, Tesla fans have a lot of questions regarding the new models and how they'll integrate gaming into the overall design. Still, several commenters mentioned one possible danger of including a state of the art console inside a car: crashes. "Gaming platform for drivers. What could go wrong?" tweeted @flyerfocus. Still others half-jokingly predicted that Tesla drivers may try to use the cars' powerful processors to mine bitcoin.


Regardless, it may just be easier to grab a new Tesla than an Xbox Series X or PS5 in the near future. That is, if you have the coin. The 2021 Tesla Model X costs a cool $89,000.