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Battlefield 2042 Is Finally Fixing This Major Gameplay Issue

It's been a rocky time for "Battlefield 2042." Releasing so broken that even cheaters were quitting and offering a seemingly non-stop deluge of bugs and glitches that made things really bad for those who stuck around, it appeared that this "Battlefield" game was doomed from the start. Rumors even circulated suggesting the team would abandon "Battlefield 2042" altogether after its abysmal performance. However, DICE has maintained its commitment to making the entry into what fans and the team want it to be, even sacrificing work on other projects to ensure "Battlefield 2042" sees a better state. Now, it looks like some of that effort and dedication is finally paying off, as a major gameplay issue is finally being fixed.


Players have complained about aiming issues in "Battlefield 2042" for a while now. The general consensus is that shooting accurately feels a lot more difficult and inconsistent than it did in previous "Battlefield" installments — especially for console payers. Upon further investigation, some have suggested that it's the very system that's supposed to help players be more accurate that's causing all the problems: aim assist. Players have taken to Reddit and other outlets to voice their displeasure, half expecting their complaints to fall on deaf ears, but it seems DICE has been paying attention and plans to address the common player gripe.

Battlefield 2042's next update will fix aim assist

In a Reddit post simply titled "Aiming on console is broken," one player outlined their issues with the way aim assist works in "Battlefield 2042." The poster said, "Aim Assist is so inconsistent and weird and aiming is even more inconsistent you cannot achieve any muscle memory." The poster also pointed out that it seems like gun sights are never correctly centered in the screen and that recoil often jerks to the left or right, making it nearly impossible to land shots on a moving target. Many other commenters joined in, sharing their experiences with the game as well. 


It wasn't just players looking to vent in the comments, as DICE community manager Straatford87 responded as well, but with some great news. "First, thank you for flagging the issues you experienced with Aim Assist, and the additional information we've since collected from you which helped us investigate," Straatford87 said. "We believe we have found the issue that was causing inconsistent behavior, and have a fix ready which is currently scheduled for the next game update." The next patch for "Battlefield 2042" is suspected to drop sometime around August, but with no official word from DICE or EA, players will be left to wait for this aiming fix.