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Bizarre Doom Mod Makes The Game Way More Wholesome

While they may not know if id Software will ever make a sequel to "Doom Eternal," fans of the demon-hating Doom Slayer can take comfort in the fact that not only is 2020's superb "Doom Eternal" highly replayable, older titles in the series have actually had plenty of time in the sun this year. The creator of "Doom" revealed a surprising truth about the original entry, and "Doom 2" got its first official level in almost 30 years

If a game released in 1994 can have brand new content added to it in 2022, that means just about anything is possible. Heck, we even know how many potatoes it takes to play "Doom." What we didn't know, however, was that with one tiny mod, the original "Doom" from 1993 could become a new source for wholesome content — in addition to all of the gory demon killing, of course.

Posted to Twitter by creator GoldenAxeDoom, this new mod will allow you to befriend the adorable(?) flying monsters from hell known as Cacodemons. In his own words, GoldenAxeDoom asked, "Does your heart ache every time you squeeze the trigger on one of the lovable tomato boyz? Well now with the power of 'CacoFrendo' you don't have to!"

Man's best (demon) friend

The footage of the 'CacoFrendo' mod in action shows that rather than super shotgunning Cacodemons to a million bits, players can offer any murderous meatballs an affectionate pat on the head. Doing so will not only send up a flurry of cute, pixelated hearts showing that the demon has accepted your offer of friendship, but the Cacodemon will then attack other demons. 

The audio snippet of the announcer from "Mortal Kombat 2" saying, "Friendship" once you pet your demonic buddy takes the mod to even greater heights. It's unclear what happens to your Cacodemon pal once there aren't anymore demons to kill or if you can befriend more than one at a time, but the mod is available at Moddb for any who are eager to give demon rearing a go.

The response to GoldenAxeDoom's handiwork has been overwhelmingly positive, with plenty of Twitter users expressing their interest in not only using the mod but asking for the ability to befriend even more of the demonic cast of "Doom." While this and other creative mods are the only new content to look forward to at the moment for "Doom" titles, it's exciting to think about the ways Id Software could approach this type of mechanic in a future installment. A Doom Slayer razing hell with some tamed demons on his side sounds pretty good!