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Sodapoppin And OTK's New Deal Has Fans Going Wild

For the uninitiated, OTK (a.k.a. One True King) is an Austin-based gaming livestream organization, and a popular one at that. The award-winning org holds an overall subscriber count of over 430,000, according to SocialBlade. Founded in 2020 by a handful of popular streamers including Asmongold, Mizkif, Rich Campbell, and Esfand, OTK has since added a number of beloved personalities to its roster, including content creators such as Emiru.

Most recently, Sodapoppin struck a deal with the organization, becoming the newest addition to the OTK family. Sodapoppin is a Twitch veteran known for his "World of Warcraft" and Just Chatting livestreams, but his time on Twitch hasn't been smooth sailing. Over the years, the streamer has received multiple suspensions, with his most recent ban from the platform dividing fans. But it's not Sodapoppin's controversies being talked about this time. Instead, fans are going wild over the specifics of Sodapoppin's deal with OTK.

Sodapoppin is now a co-owner of OTK

On July 21, OTK's official Twitter account announced Sodapoppin as the organization's newest member. In addition, the group uploaded a wild YouTube video skit in which Sodapoppin hunts down and attacks the organization's members as Ghostface from the "Scream" franchise, complete with a hilarious ending. But what really has people talking about is the fact that Sodapoppin is joining the group not just as a content creator, but as a full co-owner.

The fan community responded very positively to this announcement. Replies to OTK's Twitter post were full of congratulatory messages. Additionally, dozens of fans said that Sodapoppin's addition to OTK made total sense and that it was "about time," mainly because Sodapoppin has had long relationships with many of the group's members. Many were even confused that he wasn't a part of the group already, as he has frequently collaborated with the members, is an Austin native, and has even appeared at a few OTK events.

Each year OTK expands its reach in the world of video game streaming. Just last year marked the beginning of an annual games expo put together by the organization, so it is no surprise that OTK would also decide to expand its members. While it is certainly a surprise for many devoted fans to note that he wasn't already counted among the org's roster, one thing is certain: OTK viewers will see more of Sodapoppin in the future.