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Everyone's Saying The Same Thing About NickMercs' New Intro

Since kicking off his streaming career in 2010, NickMercs has gone through a stunning transformation into a professional gamer, co-owner of team FaZe Clan, and major Twitch personality. More recently, he announced a collaboration with fellow streamer TimTheTatman that led to the two squaring off in "Apex Legends" and "EA Sports UFC 4" during a UFC event in July. NickMercs took home the win that night, and now he's got something else to celebrate.

This week, NickMercs unveiled the new intro to his Twitch stream – and it's so epic and over the top that it has his friends and fans celebrating its awesomeness. The intro, which runs for approximately 20 minutes, features a Roman centurion donning his armor and sharpening his sword in a massive temple. The soldier then enters a hallway full of doors. Each door is opened in turn to reveal highlights from NickMercs' streaming career, including some of his most triumphant and humorous moments.

Following the intro, NickMercs began his stream by celebrating the change and telling his followers that it had been in the works for over a year. He took the time to thank friends and teammates for their help in putting it together and expressed nostalgia for all the great years represented in the footage. It's very clear that he's proud of the new video and excited about it, which is a feeling that plenty of other people shared.

Fans and colleagues love NickMercs' new intro

NickMercs' stream was full of subscribers cheering on the intro and congratulating him on his work. Twitter was also full of NickMercs fans — better known as the MFAM — heaping praise on the clip. One fan said the intro gave him "goosebumps," while another described it as "legendary." Several people who helped craft the video also took the time to express gratitude for getting to work on the project and their pleasure at how it turned out.

It may seem shocking, but even with how epic and long the intro is, it was almost even bigger. NickMercs stated during his stream that there was originally another door that opened to reveal MFAM-centric events like his BBQs. This door was meant to honor the streamer's community but, given the length of the video, it had to be cut down.

Despite the cuts that were made, the video is an impressive intro for the streamer and has fans pumped. Some may hope to get a peak at the extended cut someday but, for now, this is proving to be a real crowd-pleaser.