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PlayStation VR2: See-Through View Explained

PlayStation VR has been a resounding success to this point. Despite virtual reality gaming traditionally being synonymous with the PC platform, Sony's brought virtual experiences to its platforms back in 2016, and the PS VR brand sold over 5 million units by the end of 2019. But with the PlayStation 4 now being somewhat obsolete in the wake of the PlayStation 5's release in 2020, the brand's VR component has been in need of an update. One of the big innovations coming to Sony's VR platform is the newly-revealed See-Through View.

Back in February, fans of Sony's virtual reality unit were given a first look at PlayStation VR2, the next generation in virtual reality gaming on the console. Spec-wise, it's an impressive piece of tech, boasting a better design and stronger performance over its predecessor. But when it comes to safety features, not much was initially revealed. Thankfully, Sony is now letting consumers in on even more information regarding its new VR platform, including See-Through View. Here's what we know about this much-needed new feature.

See-Through Mode allows players to view their actual surroundings

On July 26, Sony released a new early look at the PlayStation VR2 via the official PlayStation blog, detailing some of the new features that gamers can get excited about, including See-Through View. Of course, when it comes to virtual reality games, immersion is everything. But oftentimes, VR players can't see their immediate surroundings, which can cause some unfortunate accidents. People have gotten seriously injured when playing VR, to the point where insurance companies have begun to take notice. This is where See-Through View comes in.

As described by Sony, the See-Through View will be give players a look of what's immediately in front of them by using a small camera built into the front side of the unit. This allows players the option to quickly check their surroundings while gaming, without having to remove the headset entirely. Once the player has properly examined their environment, they can switch back to the content viewing mode and continuing enjoying their VR experience. See-Through View will be accessible by simply pressing a button on the outside of the unit, rather than forcing players to navigate through an in-game menu. 

With PlayStation VR2 also supporting streaming, Sony has made it known that players will not be able to stream using the front-facing camera utilized by See-Through View.