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TommyInnit Calls Out The Problem With MrBeast Clones

TommyInnit, a YouTuber with nearly 12 million subscribers who primarily makes "Minecraft" videos, has called out MrBeast imitators in a new interview, and not for the reasons you might expect. TommyInnit, who recently accused JiDion of bad behavior at a convention, was recently on the Colin and Samir show on YouTube when the topic of MrBeast came up. During a discussion of the ways in content creators comparing themselves to each other — and whether or not that hurts creativity on the platform — TommyInnit brought up MrBeast as someone most content creators compare themselves to.

"I think what MrBeast does is amazing," TommyInnit said. "I think his videos are great ... I think the problem has been so many individual YouTubers, including myself, have seen that MrBeast gets the most views."

TommyInnit said that people chasing MrBeast's numbers and success could stand to stifle creativity and variety on YouTube, since the result would likely a bunch of content creators just poorly emulating MrBeast instead of finding their own voice. TommyInnit added that it's frustrating for him to see creators trying to copy MrBeast, so it must be frustrating for MrBeast himself to deal with it. TommyInnit clarified that his issue has nothing to do with MrBeast, who he personally enjoys watching. So what is it that TommyInnit keeps seeing people copying from MrBeast?

TommyInnit talks MrBeast's popularity on YouTube

When looking at the success MrBeast has had on YouTube, especially in recent history, it's not hard to see why smaller creators might try to emulate his style and videos. MrBeast almost has 100 million subscribers on YouTube, but the impressive part is how that translates to video views. While his "Squid Game" video reigns supreme at 274 million views, other projects like his Willy Wonka-inspired video featuring Gordon Ramsay have racked up as many as 85 million views.

In the interview with Colin and Samir, TommyInnit went on to explain the specific parts of MrBeast's style that he sees people trying to make their own. He specifically called out putting dollar amounts in the title of videos — since MrBeast is usually giving away or spending large quantities on money in his videos — and having "hyper-real" thumbnails, likely referring to the reaction faces plastered over a splashy image. TommyInnit said that MrBeast has amplified these things in his videos because they are reflective of his personal style, but since he gets a ton of views, other people are trying to ape them. Ultimately, TommyInnit argued, chasing the leader on YouTube results in less variety and innovation on the platform.