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TommyInnit Breaks His Silence On Alleged JiDion Incident

In early 2022, harassment drama between Pokimane and JiDion escalated to the point where Jessica Blevins to threaten legal action against Pokimane. The incident ultimately didn't result in any legal woes for Pokimane, but it – and the fact that the pair ended up putting the feud to rest – did raise JiDion's popularity online. Since then, JiDion has continued making YouTube videos and interacting with his audience, but that doesn't mean that he's stopped causing controversy. Most recently, streamer TommyInnit commented on JiDion's behavior at a convention, speaking up on behalf of his fans and requesting that everyone behave better in the future. Because JiDion was banned from Twitch after his involvement in a hate raid against Pokimane, his presence at the convention definitely turned heads — yet he somehow made it in and into TommyInnit's event. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that JiDion has been called out for his actions at a convention.

In May, JiDion was kicked out of a furry convention in Atlanta and left baffled as to why he was expelled. In videos of the incident, convention officials could be seen telling JiDion that his behavior was making attendees uncomfortable and that, as a result, he would need to leave the premises. Even though JiDion said he was confused about the decision, his video of the event showed him asking attendees how he could ask about another person's body and costume, and telling other Black attendees that they should dress like him, as a raccoon, playing with an alternate meaning of a racial slur. He was eventually kicked out of the event and escorted off the premises by hotel security. On the street, JiDion asked the camera why he was kicked out, insisting that he had been calm the entire time.

Similarly, JiDion's behavior at TwitchCon EU earned him a swift ejection from the venue and angered TommyInnit enough to comment.

TommyInnit denounces JiDion's behavior

In a video labeled "/srs" to convey its tone, TommyInnit spoke out about JiDion's behavior at TwitchCon EU. Though he didn't say any streamer's name, TommyInnit said, "During my meet and greet this f***ing troll dude creator shoved his way into the line and started being a d*** ... I'm sorry I didn't see him earlier and sort it out." 

"There was some dude shouting at my fans – shouting at you lot – just being mean, with no purpose, and it sucked. It really threw me off," TommyInnit said. The gamer explained that he was upset about the incident, and sorry that he couldn't better protect his fans as the incident unfolded. The creator specifically said that he didn't want anyone to feel like they were in school being bullied while in line to meet him, and noted that bullying is a common experience that many gamers faced and shouldn't have to be reminded of. "Don't make fun of people for being passionate about s***, for being happy," he said. 

Though TommyInnit didn't call out JiDion specifically, many of his fans on social media named the streamer outright. Video of JiDion's time inside TwitchCon EU hasn't been posted yet, but TommyInnit fans discussed his behavior online.

Fans discussed the incident

Fans provided some context to JiDion's behavior in TommyInnit's meet and greet line, which opened up a broader discussion on JiDion's brand of humor. One viewer tweeted, "I honestly thought jidion was a cool and funny youtuber with a good heart and intentions but what took place in TwitchCon with tommyinnit proved me otherwise." Though they noted that they weren't sure of the specific events, they stated that harassing someone was never okay.

One JiDion fan argued in defense of JiDion's brand of humor, which is allegedly good-natured even if it seems like harmful joking. Dexerto joined the conversation by running an editorial piece discussing JiDion's humor and considering if he crossed the line of joking into bullying. The article discussed many of JiDion's recent escapades, including getting banned from Wimbledon and being kicked out of several events for making others feel uncomfortable. "It's not about not being able to take a joke, though, as some have argued online — it's about common courtesy and respecting people's autonomy to not be part of a video without their consent," the article argued.

Interestingly, JiDion seems to have faced few consequences for his actions. JiDion posted a video of himself talking after he was kicked out of TwitchCon EU, insisting that he was planning to leave the convention anyway. The streamer said that he'd be showing up at TwitchCon in America next, and warned the convention that it should up its security to prepare for him. It's unclear what JiDion will do next, or how his alleged behavior toward TommyInnit's fans might affect his popularity in the future.