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FaZe Clan Is Taking A Delicious Page Out Of MrBeast's Book

FaZe Clan has followed in the footsteps of MrBeast by creating its own virtual dining experience. Back in 2020, MrBeast launched the divisive MrBeast Burger, a food service only available through delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash. Rather than cooking up orders at a dedicated location, other restaurants prepare the MrBeast Burger items, operating out of what is commonly referred to as a ghost kitchen. There are tons of these ghost kitchens on delivery apps and if you ever want to verify where the food is coming from, check the address on the app.

FaZe Clan just launched FaZe Subs, a similar delivery-only restaurant available only on DoorDash that focuses on making sub sandwiches. This is just another example of the organization looking to expand its business beyond games, as FaZe Clan recently put together some television shows as well. FaZe Subs debuted with a short trailer showing a member of FaZe Clan getting hungry while gaming and ordering a sandwich. Here's what the menu looks like.

A menu built by gamers, for gamers

The FaZe Subs menu appears squarely aimed at gamers based on the categorization. It's broken up into Primaries, Secondaries, and Side Quests. The Primaries section includes the sub sandwiches themselves, ranging from the Hot Drop featuring buffalo chicken and Hot Cheetos to the Touch Grass, an all veggie option. Of the five sandwiches available, only one seems to directly reference a member of FaZe Clan — the Rugfather, presumably named after FaZe Rug, who is in the trailer.

The Secondaries section features smaller, more tame sandwiches. None of them have the layer of chips that the Primaries do and they appear to come in smaller sizes. All the sides are just different bags of chips. Things get interesting in the desserts department, with each named after grenades. They might also be the strangest options on the menu. The Frag is a brownie topped with caramel sauce and Ruffles, while the Incendiary is a brownie topped with chocolate sauce and Hot Cheetos.

Based on the locations section on the FaZe Subs website, the business is expanding rapidly, so keep checking DoorDash if you need these sandwiches in your life. Despite this growth, some have questioned whether virtual kitchens like MrBeast Burger will be around for long. Revenue loss and the cost of real estate could impact this type of model, potentially forcing FaZe Subs and similar concepts to pivot to a different strategy. Gamers may even be able to walk into a dedicated FaZe Subs location one day.