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This Bully Fan Remake Might Be Better Than The Real Thing

It has probably been a long time since players heard anything about "Bully," Rockstar's off-kilter foray into the world of youthful academia. The title originally released in 2006 and followed 15-year old Jimmy Hopkins as he's ejected out of his previous school and forcefully enrolled at a new boarding school aimed at straightening the lad out. While "Bully" was received warmly enough, fans questioned for years whether they'd ever see a sequel – and were eventually let down when a leak claimed Rockstar had canceled development on "Bully 2." At the time, it looked like fans might be forced to stick with the game on older consoles or iPhone and Android ports. Even so, fan theories have persisted regarding some kind of series revival.


While some players are still holding out for Rockstar to return to the franchise, another group of fans sought to make the most out of what players already have access to. These "Bully" superfans have painstakingly recreated portions of the original title in the Unreal 5 engine, and the results are breathtaking. Fans may still be sour over the fact that they may never get a proper "Bully" sequel from Rockstar, but this fan-made remake looks good enough to make players fall in love with the game all over again — if it could ever actually come out.

This Bully remake looks great, but it'll never release

TeaserPlay, a design studio that specializes in concept trailers and 3d animation, shared its latest project via YouTube: a vey impressive-looking concept trailer for "Bully" using the Unreal 5 engine. It's worth noting right out of the gate that there are a few oddities that occur with lip synching, not to mention some mysterious vibrating hair on Dr. Thaddeus Crabblesnitch, but the trailer otherwise shows the world of "Bully" with a level of detail that players have never seen before. Lighting effects look stellar in particular, with water slicking the cement to create dynamic reflections on the ground as Jimmy walks, as well as impressive shadows that dance across his face indoors.


While this is easily the best-looking version of "Bully" players have ever seen, fans shouldn't get their hopes set on ever playing anything like this, as TeaserPlay makes these kinds of concepts all the time. The studio previously made a concept trailer for what a "Breaking Bad" game might be like, which fans also went wild over. Basically, this project was made all in good fun. 

That said, maybe this is the exact kind of community excitement needed to get Rockstar to reconsider a "Bully" sequel, or at least a more accessible remaster of the original. In any case, TeaserPlay's dream "Bully" concept will have to sate fans for now.