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The Surprising Truth Behind Nier's Fake Hidden Room

The truth behind the hidden room recently discovered in "Nier: Automata" has finally been revealed, and now fans are gripping with the knowledge that it was fake the entire time. For anyone who hasn't been keeping up, a fan posted to the "Nier" subreddit about a church they found, explaining they were having some trouble accessing it. Fans quickly caught onto the fact that this was an area that had never been seen before, so many started going wild over the secret room. However, it is now known that the room was actually created as a form of viral marketing to promote new modding tools for "Nier Automata." As you might expect, these tools would allow players to create elaborate rooms within the game.

Prior to the final reveal, the Reddit user sadfutago made a few more posts about the secret area, showing off massive statues of characters related to "Drakengard," another game series by "Nier" creator Yoko Taro. Due to the quantity of new models seen in the game footage and a belief that this seemingly hidden room appeared to be too elaborate for current modding tools, some fans even started to believe this was all part of an elaborate marketing scheme to promote a remake of one of the "Drakengard" games. It wasn't too long before the truth came out, though.

The big reveal of better modding tools

A livestream hosted on ze34_zinnia's Twitch channel showed off more of the modded game before revealing a final message: "Everything we shared has been completely in-game, no editing was used. We have been loving all the discussions and theories – it has been an amazing journey. Over the following days we'll be releasing the new Blender add ons and scripting tools, completely open source."

The livestream revealed that three modders, DevolasRevenge, Woeful_Wolf, and RaiderB, worked together to create the new set of tools, as well as the fake church map seen in the viral Reddit posts. 

As for the fans' reactions to this just being a new set of mod tools? As it turns out, most folks seem to have really enjoyed the ride and are excited about the tools. In a post talking about how series creator Yoko Taro didn't spoil the mod's legitimacy, one fan pointed out that this whole thinglikely showed Square Enix how much passion there is in the "Nier" community. Another fan talked about how much fun they had watching this all play out, and hoped the interest could potentially lead to a new game. While fans didn't get a new game announcement like they'd hoped, at least they got some fun discussion and brand new mods out of it.