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MultiVersus: How To Use Perk Stacking And Why It's Important

Thanks to its large roster of beloved characters — with potentially a ton more on the way – and a positive reception from players, "MultiVersus" first impressions are looking good. Unlike other platform fighters, "MultiVersus" is doing plenty of things to set itself apart from "Super Smash Bros." Sure, you're still attempting to knock opponents off the screen by building up damage, but "MultiVersus" has plenty of fresh ideas for the genre.


Characters belong to specific playstyle classes, players can inflict buffs and debuffs upon one another, and there's no shortage of completely unique movesets for the cast of characters. However, one of the most unique aspects of the game is its perk system. Perks not only offer players a chance to adjust characters even further to a specific playstyle, but they incentivize returning to the game with the same fighters in order to unlock and experiment with new perks. While the perk system already adds plenty of depth to the combat of "MultiVersus," it gets even deeper when you start taking advantage of "perk stacking."

Two perks are better than one

While "MultiVersus" has the option for 1v1 duels and free-for-alls, the core of the game is focused on the idea of 2v2 battles. Perks play a big role when duking it out with others, which is plain to see from some of the in-game perk descriptions.


Thanks to a helpful tutorial by YouTuber MultiVersus Insider, we can see the offensive perk (that being a perk specialized in boosting your attack power in some way) "Lumpy Space Punch" has the following effect: "Your team deals 5% increased damage with melee attacks in the air." Beneath this description, however, it says that this 5% boost will be 10% "On Stacked." 

In order for a perk to be stacked, both you and your teammate must have the perk selected. With three different perk slots allowed per character, this means that you and your teammate could possibly stack three different perks. Coordinating perks with a friend via voice chat is easiest, but it should be pretty simple to do with random players as well. When you're getting ready to rumble, the perk selection screen will show a green check mark next to each perk that your partner has chosen. When you've selected a perk, a yellow check mark will be shown. 


Lining up those check marks and coordinating perks can give you and your partner quite a boost. Then again, some situations might require you and your partner to diversify your perks a bit more. All the more reason to experiment around and see what helps you come out on top.