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Why MultiVersus Fans Think There Are A Ton More Characters On The Way

The "MultiVersus" beta is finally here! While it won't open for everyone until July 26, it's been available a full week earlier for those who acquire a code through Twitch drops or by purchasing one of the game's Founder's Packs. Despite the limited and early release of the game so far, plenty of mods are already making the game weirder, and players already want one character fixed.


With so much attention and excitement surrounding the title already, the developers at Player First Games could have a real smash-hit on their hands if they can continue to keep fans happy once the game officially launches. One way that the free-to-play title will undoubtedly attempt to do that is by continuing to add more characters to its star-studded roster. And based on what fans have learned from leaks and the game's currency system, those plans may have already been set in motion. Here is why over a dozen characters might soon be added to "MultiVersus."

19 characters and counting?

Within "MultiVersus," players can expect to unlock every single playable character without spending any money. As you play the game, you'll earn an in-game currency simply called Gold. With enough of this, any characters that you don't have can be unlocked. Of course, another in-game currency called Gleamium can be purchased with real money, which will make character unlocking even faster. 


However, an even faster way to unlock characters is made available to those that purchase one of the game's Founder's Packs. The priciest of these is the $99.99 USD Premium Founder's Pack. As part of this expensive bundle, players will gain access to 30 Character Tokens for "instant character unlocks." 

The curious thing is that, at the moment, there are only 16 characters in the game. 11 of those are locked requiring the player to use Gold, Gleamium, or a Character Token to become playable. So what do Premium Founder's Pack purchasers do with their 19 leftover Character Tokens? The answer may be tied to previous "MultiVersus" leaks, which teased a massive character roster

Some of the characters from that leak, such as the Tasmanian Devil, have already been confirmed within the base game's roster, which only supports the leak's possible legitimacy. If the leak (revealed on Reddit) is true, that means not only are plenty more characters coming to "MultiVersus," but they could include the likes of DC's Joker and Raven, Rick and Morty, Scooby-Doo, Samurai Jack, and even Godzilla.


Only time will tell which characters make their way into the multiverse mayhem, but players everywhere will be able to try the game out at the low cost of "free" very soon.