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Stray: Where To Find Every Energy Drink Can In The Slums

Critically acclaimed and explosively popular even with gamers' pets, "Stray" proves that an adventure game doesn't need complicated combat or sophisticated mechanics to be successful. With only a bare-bones inventory system with no level ups, skill trees, or gear management, this puzzle platformer offers a brilliant experience that's earned itself an "Overwhelmingly Positive" reception on Steam.

"Stray" also lacks a full currency system, but you can still barter for special items required for optional achievements. Azooz of The Slums provides a piece of sheet music needed for the "Meowlody" trophy and a memory prompt for the "I Remember!" trophy in exchange for Energy Drink Speed 2K. It's unclear what use a robot has for cans of unopened (and most likely very expired) energy drinks, but then again, he's probably not sure why a cat would need any of the goods he's selling, so it's just as well. You'll need four energy drinks in total to buy both side quest items from him. Here's how to find every energy drink can in The Slums of "Stray."

Finding the working vending machines in Stray

Azooz will only accept energy drinks freshly dispensed from one of the four vending machines hidden across town. The first is right in front of Morusque, who sits in the alleyway to the Guardian's left just across the way from Azooz's shop.

The second is found on the other side of The Slums. Starting from the Guardian's location, take a right before reaching the Duffer Bar to end up in the alley with the laundromat instead. Then simply run all the way to the end without taking any turns to find the vending machine right next to the slightly morbid graffiti.

The third is hidden on a narrow balcony sandwiched between two buildings. From the second machine, start heading back the way you came but take the first left up a narrow set of stairs. Another left down a second set of stairs should bring you to Rozey, the robot watching television. Head past him to jump up the stacks of wooden crates topped with a plastic one, then turn around and angle your camera up to find the jump prompt for the balcony.

The fourth is just a few hops away from the third. Use the two wooden beams past the machine to jump up to the rooftop on your left. You'll see Heptor, the behatted and mustached robot with a cane, and if you turn your camera to the left again, you'll spot the last vending machine on a rooftop across the way.