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Digimon Survive: How To Beat Fangmon

The long awaited "Digimon Survive" is finally here, bringing a brand new story to the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This hybrid visual novel and tactical adventure game can take about 80-100 hours to fully complete and, according to an interview with game producer Kazumasa Habu (via Gematsu), sports a darker storyline geared towards "adult fans." Players step into the shoes of Takuma Momozuka as he and his friends are thrust into the world of Digimon and forced to fight for their lives, coming face-to-face with a number of deadly threats, like Dokugumon.


Another such threat appears in the form of Fangmon, a difficult boss players face in Part 2. With a relatively narrow and obstructed arena, multiple opponents barring the way, and few weaknesses to exploit, Fangmon's boss fight can pose a real challenge. Unprepared players will likely find themselves suffering high damage from the minions flanking the party, even with the help of the newly evolved Dobermon. 

Here's the best way to tackle the Fangmon encounter and come out on top.

Take stat types into account

As players might have discovered, the most important aspect to consider in the game's turn-based combat is Digimon type-matchups. This early in the game, the benefits and detriments of the type damage multipliers far outstrip factors like attack direction or elemental vulnerabilities. It's important to coordinate the triad attribute mechanic where Virus trumps Data, Data trumps Vaccine, and Vaccine trumps Virus.


The main companion Digimon at this point are mainly Data and Vaccine types, with very few Virus types depending on how many wild Digimon you've befriended in the previous free battle portion. While this means you can use your many Vaccine type Digimon two easily take out the Virus type Gazimon and Numemon minions, Fangmon himself being a Data type puts you at a significant disadvantage. The only viable Virus-type Digimon available at this point are Guilmon, a Digital Month One Edition exclusive (per IGN), and Tuskmon, which Agumon only evolves into if the player picks Wrathful choices in the game's Karma system. While Kunemon is also a Virus type, his unevolved state and lower stats make him less effective in combat, with the same going for the Virus-type wild Digimon you might have picked up on the way.


In lieu of using the edition-exclusive Guilmon or Karma-locked Tuskmon, the best strategy is to bring your strongest available Digimon and use a cautious approach.

Plan out your movements

At the beginning of the battle, you'll notice a Numemon minion moving up the stairs towards your party before the game gives you a small tutorial on vertical movement stats. You'll want to send a Vaccine-type Digimon with a high enough Vert Move stat to dispatch the Numemons and reach the two optional chests at the bottom of the stairs. If you can't spare the extra teammate, however, you can simply defeat the pursuing minion before moving on, as the second Numemon will not move if left alone.


While you only have to beat Fangmon to win the entire encounter, it's best to deal with the three Gazimon minions before engaging him. That way, you won't find yourself surrounded while already fighting at a type disadvantage. Evolving Falcomon into Diatrymon and sending him ahead with Dobermon will take them out quite easily within a few rounds. Make sure that your Data-type Digimon are following closely behind, but out of reach of the Gazimons' attacks — after the three minions are defeated, bring them forward to help your heavy-hitters in fighting Fangmon.

Fangmon's high attack and most of your Digimons' vulnerability to his Data attribute might make for a few close calls, so don't be afraid to pull back any team members that have taken a lot of damage. Position well, play it safe, and the combined effort of your Digimon will be more than enough to take him down before he can wipe out your party. Just keep in mind that Fangmon will likely respawn when you revisit that area, so be ready to repeat this every now and then.