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Asmongold Cleaned His Room And Twitter Can't Get Enough

It's no secret that Asmongold has been rather successful within the streaming space. The Texas-born streamer has accrued over 3.3 million followers on his Twitch channel since joining the platform in 2014, where he has done well financially. In the wake of Twitch's bombshell data breach in late 2021, it was revealed that the Twitch veteran was within the top 15 of Twitch earners (per Dot Esports). Despite his success, however, Asmongold has needed a break or two.

Having expressed a desire to quit streaming altogether in the past, Asmongold revealed on July 17 that he'd be taking a break from Twitch. He explained that he'd been stricken with sleeplessness and illness as a result of his strenuous schedule. While this was obviously a concern for many, Asmongold's fans breathed a sigh of relief when he announced his return a little over a week later. And as it turns out, the popular streamer has been putting in quite a bit of work in his absence. One thing he was able to do in his time away from Twitch was clean his room, which has people on Twitter going absolutely nuts.

Asmongold shares pictures of his newly tidy room

On July 27, Asmongold posted a before-and-after photo of what his room looked like before his break, and what it looks like now after he's cleaned. He explained, "Cleaned my room for the first time in years," and the results are rather impressive. While his room was previously cluttered with a mess of items and had empty boxes strewn across the floor, the Twitch streamer's space is now looking much more organized and tidy. In response, many offered quite strong reactions to Asmongold's more organized living situation.

Many comments were all for Asmongold for getting his living space together. The official Healthy Gamer account humorously said that it was trying to process the occurrence, while fellow Twitch streamers like Zepla were also very supportive. However, not everyone was so nice about it or were otherwise quite nitpicky. One follower noticed spots on his carpets, implying that the room wouldn't be truly clean until those were removed. Another Twitter user scoffed at Asmongold's progress and said that the act of cleaning one's room isn't really worth major congratulations.

Despite some folks not fully appreciating the achievement, Asmongold should be a much happier camper and more productive content creator now that his room is in much better condition. After all, many studies have shown that a clean space is key to good mental health.