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Deltarune Chapter 3: When Will We Get The Sequel?

The reveal of "Deltarune Chapter 2" in September 2021 filled gamers with excitement after years clamoring for the return of the game's colorful cast of characters. Creator Toby Fox went on record about why the second chapter took so long. "I believe it's the biggest chapter in the entire game in many ways," Fox wrote on the "Deltarune" website. "The cutscene count is the largest, the story involves many characters, and there are many other aspects that made it a challenging chapter." He also expressed the desire for more talent to help him with later portions of the game.

Even with more help, gamers may have to wait awhile for the next leg of Kris, Susie, Ralsei, and company's adventure. In a "Deltarune" update, Fox promised to release chapters three through five simultaneously, but with an actual price tag. Given the length of time taken for "Chapter 2," this has caused some to worry if the mind behind "Undertale" will release the next installments following an even longer wait.

Fortunately for fans, the indie developer has left clues pointing to possible timetables. In a translated interview with Nintendo of Japan, Fox shed light on the development process of "Chapter 2." This and an update from his Twitter may help followers piece together an idea of how quickly the third through fifth chapters may arrive.

More devs may mean a quicker turnaround for new Deltarune chapters

Nintendo Everything translated Toby Fox's interview with Nintendo of Japan, which occurred shortly after the release of "Chapter 2." Apparently, Fox spent less time on the actual development process than it required to release the chapter. "'Chapter 2' itself actually took about a year and a half to develop," He clarified. "A lot had to happen before we could get development underway."

The "Undertale" creator also talked about leaving most of the programming to his teammates after injuring his wrist working on "Deltarune" in 2020, prompting him to focus more on directing. "Having them make what's in my head exactly as I envisioned it... is about 10.2 times harder than doing it myself," Fox said. Despite miscommunications, his team's hard work enabled them to complete "Chapter 2" much faster (via a September 2021 status update). Having more manpower made a net positive difference. Apparently, the situation has only improved one year later.

In May, Fox posted an update on Twitter about acquiring more hands for an unnamed project — likely "Deltarune" from a lack of other possibilities. "By the way, the game development is going well," Fox added. "... I have good feelings about it." Fox's new hires and updates on development should bode well for "Chapters 3, 4, and 5" to release in a more timely fashion–likely within the next three years, as Fox himself admitted that's a long time to wait. Given the actual production time of "Chapter 2," it could arrive even sooner.