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IShowSpeed Under Fire For Scaring Kid On Stream

IShowSpeed, the YouTuber and Twitch streamer, is already coming to be known for his shocking and controversial behavior. Though only seventeen, the gamer has already amassed a large following thanks, in part, to his reputation for pushing boundaries.


The streamer has already gotten himself permanently banned from "Valorant" for launching an abusive and misogynistic rant after losing a match. More recently, he set off a firework in his room on the Fourth of July, nearly starting a house fire and provoking the anger of his mother. Now, IShowSpeed is in trouble again, this time for harassing and terrifying a young boy.

While streaming "Fortnite," IShowSpeed made a $100 bet with a six-year-old boy and then demanded to be paid when he won. When the child, not seeming to understand at first what a wager is, can be heard becoming more distressed, running first to his father and then to his mother. When he says he doesn't have $100, the IShowSpeed begins berating and threatening the child, claiming he's going to call the police and have him sent to jail. By the end, the streamer is simply barking at the boy as he screams and sobs. Clips of the incident are going viral and IShowSpeed is facing harsh backlash for his behavior.


Viewers react to harassment of a child

The incident is certainly earning IShowSpeed plenty of critics and opponents. Observers are expressing their anger at the incident and their disgust at the abusive behavior. Others are even predicting this will destroy his career as an online personality. Some of his fans seem disappointed in him and his failure to learn any lessons or reform his behavior. Parents are also using the clip to point out the dangers to children from playing online games unsupervised.


While he is under fire for his behavior, IShowSpeed does still have his supporters. Some appeared to find the incident funny. Some acknowledged it was wrong but were quick to dismiss it as not that big of a deal. Some even attempted to shift the blame to the child or his parents for his playing a game intended for older audiences.

Still, despite some committed fans, this is certainly a serious blow to the young streamer's burgeoning career. It has likely cost him followers and may cost him more. While Twitch, YouTube, and Epic Games have not yet responded to this story, it would not be surprising to see IShowSpeed facing more suspensions or bans in the coming weeks.