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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: The 2 Best And 2 Worst Attackers

Players can sink dozens or even hundreds of hours into a good JRPG, exploring the world, learning the lore, and battling vicious monsters. "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" is scratching that itch, and many fans are already delving deep into the war-torn world of Aionios. Critics have praised the game for its action-packed combat mechanics, its massive open world, and its wealth of interesting characters.


There are six playable characters in the game. Three of them come from the technologically advanced nation of Keves, while the other three hail from the rival nation Agnus, which specializes in the production and use of Ether. But while these are the only playable characters in the game, they aren't the only ones gamers can add to their party. 

"Xenoblade Chronicles 3" also includes several Hero characters that can be unlocked throughout the campaign, then swapped into combat to support the main six. These characters each fulfill one of three combat rolls in the game: Attacker, Defender and Healer. There are several different classes for each role, but their overall job remains the same. And just as the name implies, it's the Attackers' job to deal damage. Noah and Sena are the two playable Attackers, but who are the best and worst Hero Attackers?


Alexandria and Ghondor are the best

Luckily for players, one of the best Attacker characters that they can get in the game is also one of the first ones they will probably come across. Alexandria is an Incursor, which is sort of like the traditional rogue class. She doesn't have the same base-damage output as Swordfighters like Noah or Ogres like Senia, but her increased mobility and bonuses to critical damage make her a powerful ally that many players may end up keeping well into the post-game content. Alexandria can be recruited during the quest "Her Reasons" in Chapter 3. To do this, players must head west to Colony lota after the Fornis Region's Dies Arch event. They will need to defeat a group of Agnian soldiers under the arch in order to start the quest and unlock her character.


The other Attacker many players will want is Ghondor. She likes to fight with her bare fists which reduces her range and may seem like it puts her at a disadvantage compared to some characters, but she has some skills that more than make up for her weaknesses. She targets critical damage, like Alexandria, but as a Martial Artist, she also has access to a sizable selection of skills and arts and has bonuses to cooldowns that makes it so she can use each of them more often. Ghondor is recruited automatically as part of the main story — but unfortunately, this does not occur until Chapter 6.

Juniper and Cammuravi are the worst

Now, onto the less exciting characters. Juniper is a Stalker, which is the ranged bow class in "Xenoblade Chronicles 3." She has some evasive abilities and a fantastic attack range. She excels at hitting enemies from the shadows, but her damage output leaves a lot to be desired. That makes her a hard sell when dealing damage is the attacker's main job. She is also quite fragile and goes down quickly when enemies do manage to land a solid hit on her. Juniper is unlocked when the player completes the quest "Natural Selection" and liberates Colony Tau in Chapter 4.


The other character many players may not be a fan of is the Seraph, Cammuravi, because it can be incredibly difficult to even keep him alive. His ability allows him to increase his attack power with each successive hit he takes from enemies. He also has several abilities that actually hurt him in as he raises his attack power even further. While all of this adds up to him dealing some incredible amounts of damage, the Healers in the player's party will have a full-time job trying to keep his rapidly depleting health pool from hitting zero. He can be recruited during Chapter 6, when the player completes the quest "A Twist of Fate" in Colony Omega Camp.