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The Only Way To Preorder The Genesis Mini 2 In North America

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2022 is proving to be a fairly busy year for Sega. "Sonic Origins" came out earlier this summer, "Persona 3 Portable," "Persona 4 Golden," and "Persona 5 Royal" are all making their way to Xbox consoles, Windows PC, and the Nintendo Switch, and, despite the surprising reason fans are asking for a "Sonic Frontiers" delay, the game is still scheduled for a 2022 holiday release


If all of that wasn't enough, the Sega Genesis Mini 2 is arriving this year, as well. It seems Sega still won't release a Dreamcast Mini, but the Sega Genesis Mini 2 should prove to be worthwhile successor following the original Sega Genesis Mini from 2019. However, getting your hands on this new mini console might prove to be tricky. As noted by engadget, Sega has said that the global semiconductor shortage is greatly affecting their production of the Sega Genesis Mini 2. Due to this, there's only one way to preorder the console in North America.

It's Amazon or nothing

Thanks to the large "Amazon Exclusive" image on the official website for the Sega Genesis Mini 2, which links directly to the console's Amazon page, it isn't difficult to actually preorder this Sega-sponsored blast from the past. However, there's a bit more to the situation, as well. 


Technically, the console isn't being released in North America at all. It's simply available for preorder through Amazon Japan via Amazon. Yes, you can preorder the console (while the very limited-sounding supply lasts) and it will likely be shipped to you on its October 27th release date, but what you're actually doing is preordering the product from Japan. Not only does this mean you'll definitely have to give shipping quite a bit more time, but the cost of shipping will likely be higher due to the fact that Prime shipping does not cover this particular purchase. While all of that is worth keeping in mind, so is the fact that, according to a Polygon report, the console will only have "one-tenth" of the supply that the first Sega Genesis Mini had, making it an ultra rare collectible.


Another factor to consider, of course, is what the Sega Genesis Mini 2 will include as far as software. According to the official site, "Over 50 Classic Titles!" including some Sega CD titles will be available to play the moment you power on the miniature console. If "Sonic Origins" wasn't enough old school Sonic for you while you wait for "Sonic Frontiers," perhaps the Sega Genesis Mini 2's inclusion of "Sonic 3D Blast" will satisfy that retro itch.