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Meet Your Maker - What We Know So Far About Dead By Daylight Dev's New Game

Developer Behavior Interactive is getting bigger and bigger. Best known for its asymmetrical multiplayer game "Dead by Daylight," the company has had plenty of firsts this year. The reveal of character David King marked a first for the "Dead by Daylight" franchise, and only a short time later "Hooked On You" turned heads as the first bizarre spinoff for "Dead by Daylight."  Now, Behaviour Interactive has had its first showcase called "Behaviour Beyond 2022."

Of course there were updates for existing titles like "Dead by Daylight" and "Jurassic World Primal Ops," but there was also a fair number of brand new game announcements as well. One of which started the showcase off with a bang. "Meet Your Maker," Described as a "first-person building-and-raiding game set in a dark post-apocalyptic future," is looking like one that will appeal to fans of the competitive/cooperative nature found within "Dead by Daylight." Here's what we know about it so far.

What is the release date for Meet Your Maker?

At the moment, all we have as a release date for "Meet Your Maker" is the fairly large launch window of 2023. That could mean spring, winter, or, like many other games have unfortunately had to endure lately, the title could even get delayed. What we do know, however, is what platforms "Meet Your Maker" will be available on.

On the game's official site, players can see that it will arrive on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X & S. Remarkably, it will even launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Gamers have been seeing more games recently deciding to leave last-gen systems behind, but "Meet Your Maker" doesn't seem to want to leave those unable to acquire the newest consoles in the dust.

There's no word for now on if the game will find its way to other platforms, such as the Epic Games Store or the Nintendo Switch, but any additional platforms or ports will likely depend on the success of the game.

What is the gameplay like in Meet Your Maker?

"Meet Your Maker" is a first-person game built around construction and then raiding. Essentially, this means that players will be able to construct enormous structures called Outposts. Said player-built Outposts should be designed to entice passing players and, in turn, trap and kill them. Of course, building is only half of the experience. Breaking into outposts and surviving the labyrinths of deathtraps made by other players is what you'll do when you're not building yourself. In a first-person perspective, you'll have to jump and blast your way through whatever traps and monstrous creations your fellow players have created for you.

But why do you build and break into Outposts? It's all about protecting and collecting genetic material. Collecting enough of it from player Outposts allows you to "grow your arsenal of traps, guards, weapons, suits, and more." If becoming a better builder and raider sounds daunting, you can take comfort in the fact that "Meet Your Maker" will allow you to build and raid Outposts cooperatively as well. You and up to one friend are free to become the ultimate death trap architects and genetic thieves possible when the game launches, and there's even a closed playtest you can sign up for now.

Is there a trailer for Meet Your Maker?

The trailer for "Meet Your Maker" showcases each facet of gameplay that players can look forward to. Viewers were given a glimpse at what building an Outpost looks like, some of the nasty, cyborg creatures can be found and placed within Outposts, and, of course, plenty of traps designed to make raiding a risky endeavor.

A fairly early point in the trailer actually gives the best understanding of how the building mechanic will work. Placing blocks, platforms, and NPCs looks like it will be a cinch to learn and control, but it definitely seems to have plenty of depth as well. Those that want to get really creative with their death traps should have plenty to experiment with. 

Likewise, raiding gameplay comes complete with brutal, futuristic crossbows, gravity-defying grapple hooks, and some giant swords for good measure. With the game just barely being announced, there will undoubtedly be more to see in the future as announcements are slowly rolled out. The full release might be as far away as next year, but with everything shown off so far, "Meet Your Maker" is looking like an exciting option for multiplayer-loving players.