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Gotham Knights Collector's Edition: What's Included?

"Gotham Knights" arrives on October 25, letting players take control of members of the Bat-Family in the wake of Batman's death. "Gotham Knights" will be available in three different versions: Standard, Deluxe, and Collector's Edition. All versions of the game will be available on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC, and at different price points. The Standard version of "Gotham Knights" runs $70 USD ($60 for PC players) and doesn't include anything beyond a copy of the game.


Since announcing "Gotham Knights," Warner Bros. Games has announced a ton of information about the game and even made a few changes. Most recently, it was revealed that at least one major Batman villain won't be making an appearance in "Gotham Knights" and the title hopes to get Batgirl right. "Gotham Knights" is also set to feature a gear system, along with different suits and styles for each character. And as it turns out, some gear can only be obtained by purchasing one of the premium editions of the game. Here is everything included in the "Gotham Knights" Deluxe and Collector's Editions.

What Does Gotham Knights Deluxe Edition Include?

The "Gotham Knights" Deluxe Edition costs $90 ($80 for PC players) and is available both physically and digitally. These versions are identical, with the exception of whether there is a physical game disc or not. Getting the deluxe edition scores players some exclusive cosmetic items in the form of a Visionary Pack, along with boosted gear and salvage. The latter two bonuses should give players a head start when they arrive in Gotham City, as Salvage can be used to make new gear and Boosted Gear is exactly what it sounds like: higher-quality gear than you'd normally have at the beginning of the game.


The "Gotham Knights" Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Exclusive ”Knightwatch by Jim Lee” Transmog, granting players hero suits with a more vibrantly-colored comic book style designed by comics legend Jim Lee (per IGN).

  • Beyond Suitstyle, a pack which includes suits inspired by the animated show and comic "Batman Beyond."

  • 3 Exclusive Suit Colorways, which includes the color schemes Ultra Zur-En-Arrh, Chroma Frost, and Tribute Asylum to make your costumes look even snazzier

  • Salvage, which allows players to craft gear from spare parts.

  • Boosted Gear, which includes high-quality gear to give you a head start.

Additionally, players will get an Exclusive Emote that will grant them a bit more attitude on the field of battle, although it's unclear what the emote will look like.

What Does Gotham Knights Collector's Edition Include?

The "Gotham Knights" Collector's Edition is only available physically and costs $300. This version of the game comes with everything included in the deluxe editions, along with additional goodies — both physical and digital. The main selling point of the Collector's Edition is the diorama, but there are some other excellent bonuses. The "Gotham Knights" Collector's Edition is available at multiple retailers, although it appears to be in short supply.


The "Gotham Knights" Collector's Edition includes:

  • Original Ledbook Packaging & 16 Page Mediabook showing off the gorgeous art and design work from "Gotham Knights."

  • A statue featuring all four heroes which features all four heroes in action poses.

  • A Collectible Pin designed after the primary enemies in "Gotham Knights," The Court of Owls.

  • Gotham City Map to help you find your way through Batman's lonely city.

  • Promethium New Guard Transmogs, which can change gear to a style that emphasizes each hero's main color.

Most of the items in the Collector's Edition are physical goodies, so if you only care about in-game items, your best bet is to grab the deluxe edition. The Collector's set comes complete with a stylish box and a certificate of authenticity signed by Jim Lee himself.