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Final Fantasy 14: How To Find And Beat Flame Sergeant Dalvag

Despite it having an absolutely terrible start that had to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground-up, traces of the original 2010 incarnation of "Final Fantasy 14" can still be found in its critically acclaimed successor. Many of the NPCs that populated Eorzea before the in-game apocalypse that formed the premise of the reboot are still around, either maintaining their status as central story characters, playing a small role in the side content, or being mentioned posthumously in various in-game text.

One of the stranger remnants from "1.0" is the story of Flame Sergeant Dalvag, an NPC who originally dispensed Levequests to players before the Calamity. In "A Realm Reborn," Dalvag is a Rank B Elite Mark that appears in the form of a grisly ghost wandering the polluted landscape of Northern Thanalan, where he met his death against the Garlean Empire's invasion force some years prior to the beginning of the new storyline. As one of the mobs that can be selected as a weekly Elite Mark Bill target, he awards 5000 gil and 100 Alliance Seals upon defeat so long as the player has accepted the hunt at the time of the kill.

While his story is sad, a mark is a mark — here's where to find and kill Flame Sergeant Dalvag in "Final Fantasy 14."

Where to find Flame Sergeant Dalvag

Being a Rank B target, Dalvag has a minimal respawn timer of five minutes and can be found fairly easily due to how narrow the area map is. His potential spawn points only cover the valley between the two aetherytes and the magitek-littered area to the north (per the "FF14" Wiki).

Teleport to Camp Bluefog, then start heading north out of the encampment. You can ignore the West Watchtower, Abandoned Amajina Mythril Mine, and the two Dalamud's Talons, mostly checking the areas around the East Watchtower and on your way to the Ceruleum Processing plant. If you haven't found him, proceed right through the plant and into Raubhan's Push, circling the ruined battlefield.

One or two sweeps like this from top to bottom should be enough to pinpoint his location— just don't forget to peek in the rocky crevices just to the south of the entrance to "Castrum Meridianum." If you still can't find him, just wait five minutes before trying again.

How to beat Flame Sergeant Dalvag

Having been designed as solo play content, actually beating him isn't too hard. He can cast a basic circle AOE with a generous telegraph as well as a point-blank AOE that can inflict the Heavy debuff — however, he only casts the latter after teleporting to your location. So long as you don't move out of his range during combat, you'll likely never have to worry about his teleport attack.

His only spell of note is Paralyze 3, which can inflict a nasty Paralyze debuff with a fairly long timer. This will most likely leave you immobilized during inopportune times and therefore vulnerable to his basic AOE attack, so make sure to interrupt the cast as soon as you see it with interrupt or stun role actions.

As healer and magical DPS classes don't have any equivalent role actions to block casts, you should avoid bringing them to this fight if you're under level 60. At approximately level 60 and over, however, none of his mechanics are actually of any concern due to your stats vastly outmatching his — so long as you're equipped with gear of the appropriate item level. Whether you're taking him on in a fair fight or simply obliterating him in a few hits, you'll be automatically awarded with 5000 gil and 100 alliance seals upon his defeat.