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Live A Live: How To Get The Cosmic Armour Set

The remastered "Live a Live" has a lot going for it, and there are a ton of reasons to play the game. The game was an experimental Japan-exclusive title from the SNES days, but there weren't too many changes between the original and the remake. With different paths to play through and multiple different endings to earn, the game is vastly replayable. It's also a great look at the origins of some of gaming's biggest RPGs, as it focuses on themes of apocalypse and time travel.

Like any RPG, there are things you can find that can make the game feel much easier. "Live a Live" even has optional party members that you can unlock in order to make things feel a bit easier, as well as expand the story. There are also different armour sets that can make your life in the game much easier, including the Cosmic Armour set. This armour set is incredibly helpful as it stops enemies from petrifying any user wearing any piece of the set (via IGN). You'll need to do a few different things to gather the whole set, but it's worth it.

The five pieces of the Cosmic Armour set

In the Final Chapter of "Live a Live," you'll have the opportunity to go through various trials and challenge different bosses in order to collect useful items that aid in your adventure. While some of the bosses are optional and some of them aren't, you'll need to take on at least five different bosses in order to get the full Cosmic Armour set.

In order to get the cosmic ring, you'll need to do the Trail of Instinct and defeat Lucretius, as YouTuber TheHeroOfLight showed. TheHeroOfLight also made a video on the Trial of Time, where you get the cosmic glove after being attacked by a group of enemies when time runs out. In order to get the cosmic helm, you'll need to go after the boss Euraokos. YouTuber Nakokan showed that once the boss is beaten, you're awarded another piece of cosmic equipment.

While you generally don't want to flee from fights in "Live a Live," there are actually a few cases where you do want to run away. According to IGN, you need to flee from 100 fights in order to encounter the Death Prophet. Once you defeat him, you can move on and get the final piece of Cosmic Armour, the cosmic boots. IGN also pointed out that the cosmic boots come from the Headhunter battle, which you can get to by fleeing from the Odio fight in the Final Chapter.