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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock Nopon Coin Xchange

Nopons, the cute little mascots of the "Xenoblade" world, use Nopon Coins as currency. Players can find Nopon Coins from fighting monsters, looting containers, and completing quests in "Xenoblade Chronicles 3." If you don't have the Nopon Coin Xchange yet, it's easy to blow the coins on anything you can to make sure you don't exceed the 99 coin limit. However, with the Coin Xchange, you might want to hoard them to trade in for rare items that you might not find anywhere else. 

The Nopon Coin Xchange sells legendary equipment that players can use to strengthen their characters in battle. For example, you can get a Memory Locket, which lets non-healers raise fallen allies. Many of these items are Nopon Coin Xchange exclusives or rare drops that you might not come across for hours, so players might find it useful to save their coins in preparation to trade for one of the items in the exchange. After all, coins can be used for almost anything in the game's progression system from leveling up Gems to filling Collectopaedia Cards, and more. 

You need to complete the "Thrill of the Hunt" quest for a Nopon called Burrburr to access the Xchange. Here's where to find him and how to complete his request.

Where to find the Nopon Coin Xchange

Burrburr and his secretary Seekseek are in Sage's Garden in the Fornis region, which is only accessible after adding the character "Teach" to your party. Teach's passive exploration skill allows party members to traverse quicksand, which you need to reach the Raptor's Perch and the nearby Milio Trick Caverns. As seen in No-Nonsense Guide's video, there's a cave leading into the mountain near Raptor's Perch. Those are the Milio Trick Caverns that eventually lead into Sage's Garden.

The Milio Trick Caverns are a maze of tunnels with mid-20s level spiders. If you're still at a lower level, get the best healers and defenders ready to endure the attacks from "Elite" level bosses. Some gates can only be unlocked by solving mechanisms where you place orbs over the marked targets on doors, or defeating all the enemies in the room. Make your way through the caverns until you reach the exit area called Sage's Garden. There should be a door that leads you to a corridor with Seekseek and Burrburr standing next to each other.

 Talk to them to activate the "Thrill of the Hunt" quest and complete it to unlock the Nopon Coin Xchange. It should be easy if you already have at least 40 silver Nopon Coins saved up to give them. You need enough silver coins to check off the quest, and then enough to buy an item from the shop. If you don't have enough, travel around Aionios until you have enough to complete the quest.