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Two Point Campus: How To Raise Happiness

Two Point Studios hit it big with its first game, "Two Point Hospital." The 2018 PC sim, which puts players in charge of building and managing a successful hospital, was a hit with critics and fans. The title's success on PC would go on to carve a path outward, and "Two Point Hospital" came to consoles in 2020. After a few years building reputation with its debut title, Two Point Studios is following up on its success with "Two Point Campus." This time out, players will find themselves managing a university rather than a hospital. Instead of healing patients and directing doctors, they'll (hopefully) be educating students or managing faculty and staff.


In the endeavor to build the perfect campus, one thing players will need to pay attention to is the happiness rating of community members. Happy teachers are productive teachers, just as happy students will be more likely to perform well and stick around long enough to graduate.

For those struggling to make their campus an academic paradise, there are a few things to consider. Following some basic tips and tactics should make it easier to raise happiness — so players can focus on other issues.

Student Happiness

Keeping students happy will be vital to running a successful — and profitable — campus. In order to keep your students happy, it will help to think like a student and consider what it would take to please the average college attendee. Libraries and classes? Of course not. The big things for students are living space and social life.


As PCGamesN points out, increasing the Prestige of rooms on campus, establishing clubs for students, and providing lots of entertainment are all excellent ways to increase student happiness. The Prestige of dorm rooms should be an early priority, as dorms are one of the essential rooms players should build before their first year. Additionally, spacious dorms with lots of amenities will go a long way towards keeping your students' spirits up. Players would be equally wise to invest in establishing clubs as they become available, and to construct both a student lounge and student union to provide venues for events.

Beyond these factors, it's worth acknowledging that no one's happy when they're sick. As GamesRadar notes, good health won't increase happiness, but poor health will begin to reduce it. So, keeping students well-cared for is vital. As such, don't neglect medical offices to keep students in good condition so they can keep up with all their parties... uh, classes.


Staff Happines

The students aren't the only people players need to keep happy. The staff are the lifeblood of the campus, and they'll keep the university running smoothly. As Prima Games explains, staff will benefit from some of the same things that students will enjoy. Nice, large rooms with lots of amenities will be just as pleasing to staff. By and large, the rooms that will matter most to staff are classrooms, labs, and other facilities.


Beyond the basics, staff will also be happier if they're receiving training to advance their careers. Build a training room and send staff to it, the employees will be thankful for the growth opportunity — and that will help keep them happy. As staff train and advance, ensure they're being rewarded accordingly. No one likes to feel underappreciated, so increasing salaries is yet another important element to consider when trying to balance the happiness equation.

It may seem like a lot of factors to keep straight, but no one ever said running a university campus was easy.