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Is Saints Row Cross-Platform?

It's no secret that there are a ton of players excited about the "Saints Row" reboot. These fans are even okay with the game's massive delay to avoid competing with other major titles set to release during its original launch window. However, the one thing that fans really want to know is how cross-platform play will work — or if it's a function that's even in the game.

Cross-platform play in previous "Saints Row" games was always a hot topic — and even still was up until the final port of "Saints Row 4." A quick scan through Reddit forums or Twitter will show countless people asking about cross-play, with regards to just about every console the game's available on: from PC to Switch to Xbox. There's also the fact that, in 2022, cross-platform play is something that fans ask for across all multiplayer games. Developer and publisher Deep Silver have addressed fans' concerns about playing with others across different consoles, and the answer isn't exactly what players wanted to hear.

Cross-gen play will exist, but no cross-platform play

Deep Silver told GamesRadar+ that cross-platform play in "Saints Row" will exist for people playing in the same console family. This means that people playing on PlayStation 4 will be able to play with PlayStation 5 players, and Xbox One players will be able to join up with Xbox X|S players. Technically, this isn't cross-platform play; it's cross-gen play, and it's not exactly what players want. Considering there's no true cross-platform play, some might assume that "Saints Row" won't support cross-progression either, but Deep Silver hasn't provided a definitive answer as of yet.

GamesRadar+ couldn't get a solid answer about whether there would be any cross-platform play for PC players, leaving some to question if the feature will exist at all for the platform. Seemingly backing up these assumptions, Twitter user @VacentTest told fans that there won't be cross-play between consoles and PC at all, according to the game's official Discord channel. 

Dodging cross-platform play in a series that's historically offered two-player co-op has left some fans less than happy about the news, but at least console players now know they'll be able to play with others in at least some capacity.