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Elden Ring's New Illegal Item Warnings Explained

FromSoftware has released the latest update for "Elden Ring," that now labels banned items so players can get rid of them before getting banned. Earlier in the year, players discovered a bizarre cut item, the Deathbed Smalls, which was believed to be Fia's underwear. Shortly after that, modders added the item back into the game, but anyone carrying the undergarments started getting banned, since it was considered a modded item. One infamous hacker even started forcing modded items onto players to get them banned.

The "Elden Ring" 1.06 Patch Notes explains that modded items that cannot be obtained through normal means are now labeled with an error message. It also states that the exploit that allowed players to force these items onto each other was patched in 1.04. Now, players can see which items will potentially get them banned, so they can discard the item before being punished by FromSoftware. Between the fixed exploit and the labeling of forbidden items, it seems like "Elden Ring" players no longer have any excuse for carrying around modded items and getting themselves in trouble. "Elden Ring" patch 1.06 also makes some much needed balance changes and improves the co-op system. The changes have some fans wondering why Bandai Namco is so interested in modded items and getting them out of the game.

Elden Ring players think the error system is a warning

As for why exactly developers seem so obsessed with getting "Elden Ring" players to get rid of modded items — even ones like the Deathbed Smalls that don't actually do anything — a couple of players shared theories on Reddit. One Reddit user theorized that this change was made to give players a chance to dump any modded items they may have acquired innocuously or even without knowing. "I think the intention is, if you pick up an unauthorized item in multiplayer, then there will be a big obvious 'ERROR' on the inventory screen, and you'll have a grace period where you can still throw the item away before you'll get banned for having it," user Vann_Tango wrote. Another user mentioned that using a Randomizer mod can cause items that exist in the game but were cut and unobtainable through normal means, like the Deathbed Smalls, can appear and this would let users avoid getting  in trouble for having the items.

Some players ignored the new error system, instead choosing to focus on the Deathbed Smalls themselves, pondering why FromSoftware wouldn't just add the item to the game officially so players can avoid the ban. It's an interesting solution, since the Deathbed Smalls serve no purpose, but that also isn't the only modded item that has made its way into the game, like the dream-potion system mentioned by another user.