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Cult Of The Lamb: The Easiest Way To Gather Faith

Now available on all major platforms, "Cult of the Lamb" is a roguelike action-adventure game with town management elements developed by Massive Monster. Although getting through the entire game doesn't take long, gamers have been anticipating this cute cult simulator.

In "Cult of the Lamb," players take control of a possessed lamb tasked with erecting a shrine and building a cult in order to worship a strange being that saved the character's life. Players must explore randomly generated maps to defeat enemies and indoctrinate others into their cult. Additionally, players must upkeep their village by farming, cooking, and even making blood sacrifices.

But if players aren't careful enough, their flock of followers will go into disarray if they lose too much Faith. Faith is a vital resource in "Cult of the Lamb," acting as a happiness gauge for the camp. Maxing out on Faith gives the player access to more perks and further expansion. Thankfully, there is one surefire way to boost a cult's Faith that players should utilize daily. Below are details on the easiest way to raise your Faith in "Cult of the Lamb."

Deliver a Sermon

The best way to gain Faith in "Cult of the Lamb" is by delivering Sermons (per Gamespot). Sermons can be conducted once a day at no cost. So, players should make it a daily ritual. To get started, players must first build a Temple. A temple is required for the main quest and is built early on, so players should already have one soon enough.

To conduct the Sermon, players must enter the temple and make their way behind the podium. Then players must press their interact button and select the Sermon option prompt. Doing so will "draw energy from your followers to bolster the power of the Red Crown." (per BroomstickGaming). But because there is a cap to the amount of Faith in a player's camp, some might want to hold off on doing a Sermon until after they lose Faith by performing a ritual.

Keep in mind that the daily Sermons can only do so much, so players will still need to tend to their flock by feeding them, building for them, and keeping them all together healthy. And later on, once the player's Faith gauge increases in size, so does what is needed to keep it maxed out. That's when checking up with the village in between dungeon runs becomes crucial.