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The Grand Theft Auto Protagonist Fans Like The Least

The "Grand Theft Auto," or "GTA" series first came onto the scene in 1997, created by Rockstar Games. Its immediate successful debut spawned multiple sequels, including "Vice City" in 2002 and the critically acclaimed "GTA IV" in 2008. The series became so popular that some games even featured the voice talents of Burt Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. Even singer Phil Collins got in on the action. The basic premise of all "GTA" games is taking control of criminals and trying to raise their standing by completing missions. Some of the illegal activities range from stealing, shootouts, and carjacking, among others. 


It's a pity that Microsoft turned down the opportunity to publish "GTA III," as it did go on to become a bestseller. Every "GTA" game has a different protagonist. Some are more memorable than others. Fans consider Trevor Philips to be the best protagonist of all time. He is pure chaos and insanity and makes no apology for it. But if he's the best, then who's the worst? A number of fans consider that honor belongs to Claude.

Claude in the city

A rare silent protagonist, Claude was originally introduced in "GTA 3" and later reappeared as an NPC in "GTA: San Andreas." There are some interesting facts fans might not know about Claude, such as he didn't even have a name until he was reintroduced in "San Andreas." He was only referred to as 'player' or nicknamed 'Fido' in "GTA 3." Also, "San Andreas" is the first time the series' main characters have met across games, as Claude met Carl Johnson.


Not much is known about Claude's backstory, though he's described as a drifter who used to own a garage. Some might think he couldn't get along with anyone with no voice actor or speaking lines. Yet, somehow, he's able to do just that. Claude lets his actions speak for themselves in lieu of words. And he makes as many enemies as he does friends on his tireless hunt for revenge against his former girlfriend, Catalina. 

Claude meeting Maria Latore

Fans don't like him for a number of reasons, the main one being that he appears to have no personality. Due to him dutifully taking on and completing whatever jobs offered with no complaints, many think he's essentially a robot. His face doesn't even show any emotion, regardless of his actions. This could technically be attributed to the graphics at the time, but some characters of that era emote a lot more than Claude.


Another reason fans don't like him is that he switches sides too often. At one point during "GTA III," he disguised himself as a member of the Mexican Cartel and killed a Yakuza leader while working for the Yakuza. Doing so caused an all-out war between the two gangs. Claude didn't even care; all he wanted was to find Catalina and get revenge. This has led some fans to consider him to be the most evil player character in the whole series.